Killer Instinct For 360? Also Third Parties Choose PS3 2009 here we come hiphopgamershow 11/9/08

* PS3 Rises In Japan but can they maintain this?
* Square Enix Prepares To Remake Classics (FF7)??
* Xbox360 Has A Brand New Hit Left 4 Dead (Exclusive)
* are they stealing articles and interviews now? (Watch and Listen)
* Game Review - Resistance 2 (This Game Is Flawless)
* And Much More Enjoy The Show

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Solid_Snake6663630d ago

i remember playing killer instinct on SNES it was really good far as 3rd parties being 1st on PS3 thats really good news

ultimolu3630d ago

Me too. I had it for gameboy and SNES. It's a really good fighting game. Kudos to Microsoft if it comes for their system.

i am the truth3630d ago

Im sorry but after playing killzone2 beta i dont care about left 4 dead.But that dose not mean Left 4 Dead will be crap.Killzone 2 has changed how i look at FPS;not even resistance2 can give me the feeling i felt when i was playing killzone2.If the beta is this good i can only imagine how the full game will play and look like

pixelsword3630d ago

...After you said that, I'm glad I didn't get into the Killzone 2 beta yet.

Lifendz3630d ago

for their R2 coverage.

"You get whatever weapon you need right before you need it"

Every friggin shooter does that. I just played Gears 2 and they would throw certain weapons at you before certain points.

"The bosses aren't that hard once you learn their pattern"

Bashing every boss ever there. Every boss fight is easy if you know its pattern.

The guy that talked about R2 on that 1up show is officialy a lame. I wonder if he even likes games.

Good show Hiphop. Do you thing kid.

Bnet3433630d ago

Killer Instinct would give the 360 a giant boost. They would be the only console with an exclusive fighting game worth getting.

Kain813630d ago

all games from them are like they lode there Inovation, and last year leaved the founder of RARE, cause of the debacle with VIVA PINATA.

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DarkSniper3630d ago

They say it's KI double L, E-R
We are
Much more
But they choose to ignore the obvious
Xbots are nothing but slaves never masters
Whatcha looking 4, PS3 is the question and the answer

Killer Instinct will never see light on Xbox 360 due to Rare's declining quality of games. Which is unmistakingly due to XBox 360's inferior hardware. When it comes to pushing the brink of innovation like Rare was once known for doing, Xbox 360 seems to have stolen that creativity and diminished them to nothing more than a joke.

Once Microsoft sells Rare, Dark Sniper looks for Sony to quickly acquire the company and will greatly assist them in returning to their once glory they had. Killer Instinct 3 is a perfect fighting game to join the massive lineup of AAA titles exclusively on PLAYSTATION®3.


pixelsword3630d ago

...Killer Instinct, if done right, could be just as good as Tekken. I actually like Killer Instinct for it's "dramatic quality"; Well, as dramatic as a fighting game could get. KI and MK were the first games that had an overall story for their fighters as well as individual storylines.

elorm93630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

I remember playing KI back in the day on one of Nintendo's consoles. Heck, it was addicting as hell and I had a great time with it. Jago has been my all time favorite and I hope this game becomes multiplatform.

Unless M$ wants to open their check books, well that won't bother me then. At least Sony is trying to create their own IPs instead of buying them out. But judging from the way exclusivity this gen has pretty much vanished, it might be multi platform.


Totally love your show, and keep up the good work :)

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

* We all now know what what the 'B' in 'Cliffy-B' means now - 'Cliffy's-BOYS'!!! ;-D
+I Found CliffyB's Favourite Song on YouTube -
;-D ;-D ;-D

* The 'PS3' DESTROYS!!! the 'xBox 360' + the 'Wii' in Japan'
(Japan Charts 27/10 - 02/11)!!! ;-P
Even the 'PS2' Beats the 'xBox 360' in Japan!!! ;-D
PS3 = 36,000
PSP = 50,000
PS2 = 6,800...
xBox 360 = 6,300 ;-D ;-D ;-D (EMBARRASSING!!!)
+ The 'PS3' DESTROYS!!! the xBox 360 in Europe to!!! ;-D don't look like it's the PS3 that is in trouble does it???
Maybe people live in another alternative parallel World than me on this!!! ;-D

i.e I GOT LittleBigPlanet!!! ;-D ;-P ;)
It's the BEST Game EVER!!! 10/10!!! Easy!!!;)

Tune in Next week!!!;)

nombon3630d ago

i really hate this guy, he has some biased opinions and i just find him weird :S

egm_hiphopgamer3630d ago

You Hate Me for what. What did i ever do to you? just watch the show and if you don't like the show don't watch it.

elorm93630d ago

He's open minded, that's what I like about this show.


I don't like it very much too, but really, there is no need to state it... Your opinion, good for you.

Timesplitter143630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

There's a good amount of sensationalism, yes, but at least he gives us lots of fast, interresting news. We can just check out those we are interrested in and see for ourselves if it's biased or not.

ChrisGTR13630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

LMFAO! hahahaha, that comment by elorm9 just made me LOL.

yea hes defenetly not biased.. this is coming from a guy with a playstation logo as his avatar.

this is exactly my problem with hiphopgamer, hes not just biased, hes even rivaling being just a fanboy imo. one of his episodes he spent the whole first 10 minutes saying that MS cant brag about having the best games this holiday season. for him to get that upset by that to go on for 10 minutes about something as insignificant as that just reaks of fanboy.
and wheres your gears of war 2 review? if your only going to cover ps3 games just put it somewhere in the title or call this the ps3 gamer show.

EDIT oh wow, a playstation 3 logo right after the intro... clearly not biased. at least you clearified it with that, this is a vid for ps3 owners. are people stooping so low to wear advertizements now? borne ultimatum? come on , thats just ridiculous couldnt you just put a trailer in the intro or something.

Liquid Dust3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

At first I wasnt really sure if I was feeling your show and the content. But in time I really enjoyed your unbiased views and overall excitment for gaming no matter what the console. You tell it like it is and have some great insight into the gaming world with some exclusive information.

And youre a fan of R2

Keep up the good work

Chrisgtr1, he displays the logo of the system his news refers to for each segement of the show, there are multiple segments of course, PS3 news then 360 later in the show

AshleyRiot3630d ago

@ChrisGTR1 Typical jackass comment by you. Did you miss the 360 logo before the 360 news?

Goodshow HHG keep doing your thing.

Marceles3630d ago

Has anyone ever told you sound like Charlie Murphy?

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Enate3630d ago

If you don't like it don't watch it no one held you up an made you watch the show.

demonddel3630d ago

I dont watch dude show because he spend most of his show talking bout sony this sony that,both systems gonna be around cuz so all this ps3 gonna blow the 360 out the water crap is garbage and as far as the ps3 being the lead platform is good for them because we all know what happens when its the other way around.

Blackcanary3630d ago

Could do with a little more detale about the game go into more depth about it. Love the Positiveity u keep spreeding in ur shows good job man.
And if SE do something with FF7 i'll be the first person to buy it.

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