Days Gone Update 1.40: What’s New and What Are Patch Notes?

Sony Bend Studio has released Days Gone update 1.40 today and confirmed the timing for the last set of DLC challenges. There are some new bug fixes in this update.

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Abnor_Mal58d ago

Where's the update for new game plus?

Knushwood Butt58d ago

I really doubt they will as it would make the first part of the game too easy, even though that part put some people off.

Until you earn trust level 2 at Tucker's camp you are stuck with pretty crap weapons. To a lesser extent it's the same with Cope's camp and bike upgrades. So new game plus would negate all that and make it a breeze and there would be zero reason to do any of the non-main story missions throughout the entire game.

Abnor_Mal58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I agree with what your saying, to a point. New game plus has always been a game breaker of sorts. Your reasonings I'm feel can be attributed to many games that use newm game plus. Besides new game plus generally is for players who have already finished. the game, and are just looking for a way to stay on a game that they like even longer. Think of it as old school cheat code god mode.

I would also like a higher difficulty to go with ngp. Cope's camp is basically a useless camp anyway. All camps once you get your preferred weapons becomes pretty much useless save for ammunition. Scrounging up a few ears while on a spree will often net you enough to top off your satchel bags.

Current gen games are nursing ngp,, on PS4 alone you have Spider-man, Horizon Zero Dawn, and God of War. You would restart the game in ngp and still have your web gadgets and suits, your weapons and traps, your blades and armor, which to me did not break or ruin the game or experience, but added to them all and gave renewed life.

New game plus gives a person the ability to try out new moves and possible attacks.

Knushwood Butt57d ago

Yeah, you have valid points too and I know other games have this.

neutralgamer199258d ago

Sony bend has been excellent and been releasing updated all the time. Other developers need to step their game up. Yes days gone at Lau Ch had issues but they actually took the feedback and fixed stuff