Miyamoto comments on Wii HD rumors

A Wii HD has been rumored for quite some time, but speculation recently increased when analyst Michael Pachter said that he is "absolutely convinced" that a Wii HD system was on the way and after John Davison seemed positive that it would launch in 2011. Shigeru Miyamoto was recently interviewed by 3sat, and of course, one of the topics which was discussed are the Wii HD rumors...

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ChickeyCantor4053d ago

Well...That was ...obvious?

ape0074053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )


I cannot imagine how mindblowing zelda,metroid or mario(will smg looks very good already) will be in full HD glory

it will redefine the word epic.

and miyamotto,please an HD starfox game with motion controles,that will be my dream come true

and all multiplats that release only on ps3 and 360 will also be released on this new HD wii,omg if things happend as smoothly as I am imagining right now,this new wii HD will be more epic than n64 and snes and with motion controles,talking about the definitive versions of multiplats(I may sound overly excited but I wish this happens)

that's the nintendo I dream to see

mpmaley4053d ago

Yea but as of now it looks like it's going to be on the Wii, the next Zelda that is, so you might be waiting for quite a long time. I wish the Wii shipped w/ 720p capabilities but oh well, just longer to wait to see my Nintendo franchises in HD.

ape0074053d ago

I knew that man

I was overly excited about the new wii HD

thanks for clearing up the situation

ChickeyCantor4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Even with the HD, Zelda should stay Zelda.
The games are always fun to me, I still think there should be a Windwaker 2(on a console!).

Also expect the Next Nintendo to be close to either a Ps3(and some) or a 360(and some).
Since hardware becomes really cheap they will produce another console for around $250 with the power of the other two. But by that time MS could already have something that is twice(or tripple?) as powerfull from what the PS3 is doing(Xbox360 life cycle is almost at an end anyway...well if we were to go by a normal console life).

Just expect Nintendo to make their console 250 again.
It's going to be HD alright. But to so many it's to late...or something...

Not right out of the box, it could do 1080i AFTER an update.

Mr Fancy Pants4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

what would be the point? the resolution just makes the image clearer it doesn't bumps the graphics quality. i mean a res of 720p on the Wii it's not going to make it do better textures or animations at the contrary it would make it less efficient because then the processor would have to focus more resource into the resolution and in the end it just going to make the graphics even worse than they are right now and we would see the imperfections clearer....

there are games like COD4 on the X360/PS3 that the devs needed to turn down some res lines to make it run with better effects, etc. but the Wii could at least support those res like the first xbox.

the first xbox was 480p native but supported 1080i res. now this is an entirely new explanation that you can find on google.


No, it wont redefine nothing.

The problem with the Wii isn't really the graphics, or the controverse choise of control that most devs still making crap/forced use.

The problem is Wii give too much focus on casual. The way things are going, Nintendo need to sell twice consoles of their competitors (not combined) to stay competitive (not on top) of software sales, Nintendo may now know what we all know for some time, casual gamers will not feed money to Nintendo forever, so Nintendo can indeed make a great console. In this case, they'll just be doing what they were supposed to do THIS generation, totally not redefining.

But it also can turns that they think their actual position is just that great, so WiiHD comes with even more focus for casual, next main Mario game becomes mini-games only and Link may receive it first mini-horse-races instead of a main story. In this case, they'll be even deeper in the hole they are now.

But my hopes are in the first case regardless.

ZackFair4052d ago


The graphics will still be utter garbage, and not by a long shot comparable to any PS360 title.

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Cajun Chicken4053d ago

Q: Would you like more means of printing money and grinning idiots learning forward in adverts?

Miyamoto: HELL YES!

pcz4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

we have the hardware already, now some games please, decent ones.

if anything, them bringing out a hd version of the existing wii is just going to annoy me (to put it politely.)

labwarrior4053d ago

I got Wii and collects dust after Zelda TP, and there is no game i really want to buy for it

It is unthinkable how bad it is, and the visuals are horrid, Nintendo will have to give away its crap consoles for free to pick one up myself

ChickeyCantor4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

you see labwar, that is you who finds problem in not even seeing other good games after TP.

user39158004053d ago

There is no choice about it, the US, Japan, by government statues are mandated to go Hd, and UK, Germany are already there. Which means the biggest market are Hd, therefore, no choice about it and if the platform wii comes out in 2011 than its not going to be the same wii, but wii 2, by the way these current machine (wii) its all hype and not enough gamer friendly.

ChickeyCantor4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Do realize that, Nintendo always goes after what is happening in Japan. Nintendo's ideas come from the japanese demograph.
Hence their idea of Family friendly games.

BWS19824053d ago

and secondly, it's NOT a requirement to go HD, it's a requirement to go digital, there's a big difference. Try and do some reading up on things first.

BWS19824053d ago

somebody disagrees with facts. Only on N4G. Watch this: The Earth is Round (waiting for it....)

BWS19824053d ago

anonymous ignorance FTW!!

Shoko4052d ago

^ I know, it's sad man. N4G has the most ignorant people on the planet. You freakin got disagrees cause you said the earth is round.......sad.

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