Sony buying Insomniac Games is a great response to Microsoft's studio purchasing spree

With both Microsoft and Sony using their sizable wallets to gobble up talented studios, it is certainly a fascinating time for gaming. Sure, you might need to purchase more consoles than ever before to enjoy all of the great releases, but the trade-off is that these talented developers are getting more support and a greater opportunity to succeed thanks to their publisher’s marketing power. All of these moves are ultimately a positive one for gaming as a whole, and it shows that the next console generation is going to be more exciting than ever before as competition pushes these console makers to expand in exciting ways.

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masterfox23d ago

MS : Buying Game developers like crazy.

Sony: Meh, we got Insomniac, and the best developers of the game industry. :D

Obscure_Observer22d ago


Insomniac is GREAT, but, Obsidian and Playground is AWESOME!

My Opinion!

22d ago
Lon3wolf22d ago


Training classes can help with that.

THC CELL22d ago

Ah well
Insomniac is far better than most ms studios as we speak
If ms was to of snapped em up you would have had a different opinion.

xX-oldboy-Xx22d ago

Obscure - your opinion stinks haha, talk about living off past glories.

xX-oldboy-Xx22d ago

Obscure - Who in at MGS is better than Naughty Dog? or Sony Santa Monica? or Guerilla Games? or Sucker Punch?

Everyone of those devs listed are infinitely better than anything that ms has to offer.

Keep trying plebs - enjoy 3rd place 🍻

bouzebbal22d ago

Response?? Each is doing his business.. PS5 is gonna be on fire.
Insomniac release lots of games every gen. I hope Sony make them grow into several teams.

Obscure_Observer21d ago (Edited 21d ago )


"Obscure - Who in at MGS is better than Naughty Dog? or Sony Santa Monica? or Guerilla Games? or Sucker Punch?"

Microsoft has nothing on Naughty Dog, only a fool would deny that. TLOU is one of the best videogames of all time and my personal favorite.

So far, Microsoft has nothing to compare with Uncharted and TLOU. They tried with Quantum Break but failed.

Microsoft has nothing on God of War. They tried with Ryse, but failed. Microsoft may task Ninja Theory with a AAA project and go against God of War, who knows. Until then, Santa Monica wins.

Microsoft has nothing on Infamous. They tried with Crackdown and we know how things turn out.


Sony has nothing on Forza Motorsport. Gran Turismo used to be king of racers but not anymore.

Sony has nothing on Forza Horizon. They tried with Driveclub, but failed.

Sony has nothing on Halo. Guerrila tried with Killzone, but failed. They also tried with Resistence, but failed again.

Sony has nothing on Gears. They tried with The Order, but failed.

For the future:

We shall see how Horizon fares against The Outer Worlds and Playground´s new RPG.

The Initiative might be working on a new IP to go against ND or Santa Monica games.

RARE´s new IP could be something to go against whatever Insomniac´s new project may be.

That´s my HONEST opinion! NO fanboy BS! And that´s why i´m a PS4 and Xbox One X owner, and soon ( i hope), a Switch owner as well.

Come next generation i´ll continue to support both next gen Playstation and Xbox consoles, so I won´t miss anything. ;)

SolidGamerX21d ago

Playground is good at what they do but what they do is one thing and that's it.

Darkborn21d ago

Insomniac literally has more talent than all of the studios Microsoft just purchased, with the exception of the initiative that they pulled a ton of prior Sony employees to fill lol.

IamTylerDurden121d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Playground has been operating like a MS first party for years, the signing gives great peace of mind, but doesn't really add anything but security. Obsidian is easily the best get out of all the MS acquisitions, but Insomniac blows Obsidian away in terms of hype. Insomniac is a huge, multifaceted, AAA studio coming off the biggest hit of their 20+ year career. Obsidian is excellent, but they haven't shipped a AAA game since Bethesda helped them build New Vegas. Meanwhile, Insomniac ships a AAA game every 1-2 years as well as producing numerous side projects and VR games. Insomniac is a factory with over 300 employees and literally one of the biggest names in the industry....and if rumors are true Sony is far from done.

If u combine Obsidian, Ninja Theory, and inXile u get roughly the same number of employees as Insomniac Games. Microsoft signed many studios, but they were mostly smaller teams. Sony signed a truly big fish. Both moves were highly impactful in my opinion.

The difference is, Microsoft was starving for first party talent while Sony already had fully stocked cupboards. Microsoft filled a need, while Sony made a great strength even greater. Should be fun to see if Sony acquires anymore studios. Even if they don't, they still have an embarrassment of riches.

IamTylerDurden121d ago (Edited 21d ago )


You are leaving out numerous studios. You claim MS has nothing on Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, and Sucker Punch's Infamous and then go on to claim that MS has 4 advantages over Sony.

How about Japan Studios? Bloodborne, Gravity Rush, Puppeteer, Astro Bot. What does MS have to compete with any of that?

Media Molecule? LBP, Tearaway, Dreams. Let me guess, Minecraft..?

Guerrilla Games also makes Horizon Zero Dawn. You vaguely speculate on some weak bullshit, BUT WHAT DOES MICROSOFT HAVE TO COMPETE WITH HZD? Outer Worlds is coming to PS4 homie.

San Diego - MLB The Show. What does MS have to compete with that?

Insomniac Games has R&C, Spider-man, and VR. What does MS have to compete with any of that?

London made Blood n Truth. What does MS have to compete with that?

Sucker Punch also has Ghost of Tsushima coming and Sly Cooper if they so choose. What does MS have to compete with that?

Sony has more than just Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, and Infamous. Sorry.

Btw, because of worldwide appeal Sony also has numerous other games that MS doesn't. Yakuza, Dragon Quest, Persona ect. Microsoft really can't compete in numerous areas. Sony has the first party advantage, the diversity, and the second party/publisher relationship advantage.

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THC CELL22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

One of the best
Naughty dog is far better

Worry whoever gets rockstar lol

Crazyglues22d ago

[email protected] can't be bought they are too big... They have a net worth of $2.59 billion...

They also fought over a EA hostile takeover just to make sure they would never be a target for a buy out ever again... So buying RockStar is an absolute No, won't happen, ever.

They are not for sale..

THC CELL22d ago

Crazy glue money talks.

Don't say Sony or ms can't afford too Sony was gonna buy fox for over 30 billion at one point

SpeedDemon21d ago

@Crazy that's just a little more than what MS gave for Mojang.

Mr Marvel21d ago

Rockstar are overrated.
GTAV was better than GTAIV, but boring compared to GTAIII, VC & SA.
RDR2 is technically brilliant, but manages to be one of the most boring open world games I’ve played. I stopped after about 10 hours and have never gone back.

Master of Unlocking20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

R* definitely have a couple great IPs under their belt, they're ambitious and have innovative ideas in terms of narration, but they're not so great on the technical aspect of things. I'm reminded of that every time I gaze at the horizon from my yacht in gta online, only to be appalled by the unsightly jaggies on the railing. For a port of a last gen game this is especially cringeworthy. You can add to that the subpar 4K mode on the PS4 PRO for RDR2, for example, when a developper like Guerilla Games have really done a top-notch job when it comes to that on Horizon Zero Dawn.

Plus, I think they'll never sell out to any particular manufacturer. They like their independence too much. And the money that comes from publishing on several platforms, too.

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specialguest22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Remember when Insomniac went totally 3rd party and you Sont fanboys started talking crap about them? You guys didn't start to sing Insomniac praises until the PS4 Spiderman game was created and gained great reviews. Most of you are all a bunch of fake fans.

SyntheticForm22d ago

PlayStation fans have always liked Insomniac, except for that one time they went off to make a game for Xbox. "Sunset Overhype" was a term used well in advance of the game's actual release, which is telling. You know nothing about a game but will lambaste it, because it was exclusive to Xbox.

I'd classify that type of person as a fair weather fan in this context.

woru21d ago

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bluebenjamin21d ago

That they are Nothings cool unless Sony is doing it blind fanboy crapp

IamTylerDurden120d ago

Insomniac has always been my favorite studio and last gen they earned massive praise from Sony fans. Fall of Man was the best PS3 launch title and Resistance 2 and 3 were excellent as well. Tools of Destruction was fantastic and actually has a higher aggregate score than Spider-man at 89. A Crack in Time was also great and obviously they created Spyro before that. Insomniac has an incredible lineage and is much more than just Spider-man, but things did get a little choppy from 2013-2014, it's just the truth. Insomniac ventured off and worked with EA and then Microsoft. Both projects were failures, but since then they've come back strong.

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HeisenbergX22d ago

Oh stop it already with these “purchasing sprees” articles from MS to make them seem like it’s some big deal and that they bought a fifty studios.. makes me cringe

ILostMyMind22d ago

Insomniac is safe from Microsoft now. Thanks, Sony.

Apocalypse Shadow22d ago

Microsoft bought most of their new studios at their lowest and barely holding on with kick starter donations.. Sony buys Insomniac at their highest.

The value of just one and a tweet was worth more than the sum of all those developers purchased by their competitor.

Atom66622d ago

Well there's something you don't see in too many econ classrooms.

Yeah take that MS! Buying studios full of creative and hardworking devs before they go bankrupt is soooo dumb! Lulz!!

The smart move would be to sign them up for an exclusive 3rd party contract, have them develop a game based on the most popular ip on the planet, sell millions of units, and then pay exponentionally more for the studio afterward.

GTFO with the fanboy nonsense. The fact that both companies are investing significant funds into an industry wrought with layoffs and financial insecurity is a good thing for us all. It's good for Insomniac, those new MS studios, and those of us who are actually fans of gaming.

Quit trying to spin it to meet some childish console war crap.

Apocalypse Shadow21d ago

You tried very hard. But failed just as much. Microsoft's move was borderline vulture capitalist than a friendly gesture. Those companies are only being used to prop up game pass. Nothing more.

And Microsoft also only bought them to stop the bleeding exodus of gamers leaving the platform for more and better quality output of games. But gamers will still have to wait until next gen for any results. A whole gen wasted.

Nintendo fans, PC fans and Sony fans didn't have to wait. You praise Microsoft for saving jobs but only really deflecting their mediocrity in game making. A trillion dollar market cap company shouldn't be in the position they are at now being 17+ years in the industry. Suck on that. They got greedy by trying to take game ownership away and paid for it. They get no respect from me for supposedly saving jobs. They were only saving their own @$$ from dying as a console brand.

mandingo21d ago

Oh yea ninja theory and obsidian are game pass fillers. Good try

Apocalypse Shadow21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Bleeding Edge is straight up game pass quality. That's not going to stop Xbox fans from leaving just like state of decay, sea of thieves and that trash of a lie crackdown 3.

Deflect all you want. Microsoft wouldn't have to buy anyone if they were doing their job right in making games. But they're 50+ million behind. And there's multiple Xbox fan podcasts that show they gave up too. Keep being lead by them Boydingo. They need blind followers to buy their next system as they put their exclusives on other platforms.

Atom66621d ago (Edited 21d ago )

"Suck on that"

For real, kid. Just stop.

Vulture capitalism? Seriously? First, please share the source for your claim these acquired companies were near bankruptcy. Second, if these studios are so bad, who do you think MS intends to sell them to once they invest millions into them to just make "Game Pass filler?"

Been enjoying Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, and PC for a long time. Despite the exorbitant efforts and mental gymnastics you're going through, I'm going to keep on enjoying them, but feel free to keep at it!

I'm glad MS and Sony are heavily investing. It's good for the industry and for me.

I'm still baffled that you'd think making acquisitions that are good for the consumer, good for their portfolio, good for their potential ROI, and good for the devs is somehow console war ammunition.

Donnie8122d ago

Playground and obsidian are just as good probably better. Insomniac is a quality dev no doubt though. The more games the better

BLow22d ago

I get it. Playground make some great racing games but let's see what else they can do before we put them on that level. Hell I would love for them to do an original IP and not Fable in my opinion. I mean even Forza isn't original.

Again I'm not knocking them but I really want to see something original from them. Obsidian is a nice pickup too and Outer Worlds looks good. But it's also coming to PlayStation. It's not exclusive.

Insomniac just came off of selling the highest Superhero game ever and they also have a really good track record. I mean fanboys sure were excited when they decided to make Sunset Overdrive exclusive to Xbox and now it's like they're no big deal lol. You can't make this stuff up.

I mean we gonna downplay Spyro back in the day, Ratchet and Clank, Resistance, and now Spiderman? What else has Playground done? I might give you Obsidian but that even is a stretch.

No disagree from me but I would say Insomniac is on top and the others good but not on their level yet. Notice I said yet. They have huge potential though....

SyntheticForm22d ago

I haven't seen enough of Playground's work to make such a claim, and the jury's still out on Obsidian, imo. Both need more time and games in their portfolio - again imo.

I've played many Insomniac games, and have enjoyed them all. They're quite proven.

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