Xbox's Aaron Greenberg Discusses Studio Acquisitions and Building a "Family;" Teases Secret Games

Xbox Games Marketing General Manager Aaron Greenberg discusses the recent studio acquisitions and their effect on Microsof's portfolio.

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FallenAngel198453d ago

I just hope with all these acquisitions that next gen isn’t so inundated with so many “wait till E3” every year

Maybe they could even live up to that “Greatest Lineup in Xbox History” tagline they were so emboldened to make a few years ago but then dropped shortly afterwards next gen.

Darkborn52d ago

They've said the same tag line just altered slightly just about every year for e3 this Gen.

Vasto53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

15 Studios now and it will be 20 by the time Scarlett launches. We are not done!


XiNatsuDragnel53d ago

Probably won't buy one, they will have to make one tbh

Vasto52d ago

I would rather they put one together like they did with The Initiative.

XiNatsuDragnel52d ago


Their own JP studio would be the most rational option

Kingthrash36053d ago

"We are not done!"

You work for them?

Vasto52d ago (Edited 52d ago )


If a Dallas Cowboys fan says " We lost or We just got a new running back " does that mean they work or play for them?

Kingthrash36052d ago

But the xbox isn't a football team and the cowboys ain't a console....

Ya' see, you don't need to own the cowboys to root for investment at all really. But you gotta own a xbox to enjoy its games. The cowboy will always have a running back and matter football games, every week during the season. But if xbox gets no games....well then you cant play your xbox. See the difference?

Vasto52d ago


That was one of the most silliest things ever said.

chiefJohn11752d ago

😣 forget it not worth my time lol but what you said is absolutely ridiculous

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mkis00752d ago

ya probably, they need more small studios for their gamespass games.

bluefox75552d ago

Woohoo, an endless supply of AA, B-rate, Gamepass games.

Spicyram52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

I see your parody account is still going strong (because 99% of what you type is laughable rubbish) .

51d ago
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AngelicIceDiamond53d ago

Wanna mention something here real quick Greenberg mentions Matt Booty and the impact hes made. We know Matt's position isn't as a big deal as we once thought. Phil had his position for years only not to do much of anything. Why? Because Mattrick was his boss and we know how he felt about 1st party offerings. Proof that Matt's role is influence who evers in charge of Xbox and what their vision is.

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SyntheticForm52d ago

I don't accept this, and we shouldn't be talking about who does what and who's effective at Microsoft, we should be demanding to know what they're working on in terms of games. It's come to that.

I don't mean to tell you what you should and shouldn't talk about, it's just that I believe with all my being that we're far past discussing the players at Microsoft and should simply be demanding to know what's afoot at Microsoft and Xbox.

Godmars29052d ago

What? They're making games in service of their online subscription services. Xbox exists in service of MS with "consumers" an expected, exploitable, byproduct because of MS's presence and influence over the overall PC market.

Godmars29052d ago

I will agree that everything seems to go back to Kinect. That by making something put to market that wasn't ready to be released, which likely didn't fundamentally work, the core of the Xbox, building the first XB1 around it, MS crippled the console and brand in ways still being realized.

AngelicIceDiamond51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

@TheWood "You know what. . the dislike of your 'negative' views was wrong, you guys were actually on to something' Ok like what? Since you know everything and all the negativity with no positivety to be found in your head its all justified. Since you hold the answers how bout you tell me then? Refute my whole entire comment. I would love to see that. So far nobody was able to. Apparently I'm just "deflecting" whatever that means No, no, no tell me how I'm wrong.

The Wood51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

''Exclusives didn't matter''. ''Multiplats sell more therefore they're more important''. ''Ms aren't going down the service route''. . On top of these notions Ms have had shit output since last gen. This has all defended or deflected. I've been positive on a few things ms have done if you don't only focus on my or other people's criticism that obviously irk you.

Sometimes defence of Microsoft and their management is warranted. . Sometimes it's not. You personally have spent the best part of this gen chastising valid criticism which has turned out to be true. Microsoft have reacted slowly but I've stated a ton of times its better late than never. I've also consistently stated it's not just the number of studios that has put ms in this ruck but their management that has failed. Outside of Microsoft's arguably best achievement game wise of expanding the forza franchise to horizon, there's been very little to shout about unless there's something we've all missed. . Do tell. And when I say many deflect I was clear in calling out a 'type' of n4g member that shill deflect and straight out lie to save face and have done it for years. Some are just more 'dedicated' than others so don't take too personally or act like you've not participated in some way shape or form

Phil has to be held to account if he can take the plaudits. He's done a lot of 'talking' this generation and has overseen some sub par projects and studio closures and cancelled projects but the blame is usually shifted to don or anyone but Phil. . . There's enough instances of this notion on n4g. . .it's really not all about you. . but you're kinda complicit if you don't call the hypocrites out just like I'm often complicit of ignoring the bs some of my fellow ps fans spew. He's done good in steadying the ship but he hasn't put the brand anywhere near where Microsoft want it to be.
I bet he won't speak the same about the 'impact' of sp games anymore. We see through this bs about active users and not wanting to bring Sony down to win. . Whatever Phil. . . Whatever. . . Put your money where your mouth is and put gears and forza on the ps without some monthly subscription if you're a man of conviction. . . Lol

The Wood51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Oh. . And you still can't say the naysayers were right or at least closer to the reality. . . . . . . Definitely a trait of the type I mentioned.

Exclusive content matter to more gamers more than services and year after year of promises. Many xbox fans have said ef it. . What do you say to them guys?

HannibalLecter51d ago

The only reason Phil got promoted is because he was able to string you xbox fans along for an entire generation but not all of them a bunch have "jumped out" and like
@The Wood said fed you xbox fans table scraps and services.
The only person that is now giving Phil or Xbox camp any power to actually do some things and make moves now is Satya Nadella.
Only because he sees how much $money$ they missed out on this gen and they sure want a bigger slice of that gaming pie next time around..
Xbox camp has a lot to prove and live up to now because their PR and Hope's and dream team did nothing but blow Clouds this gen and they lost millions of Xbox fans.
Last gen was close to neck and neck but this gen has been a blow out damn near. Almost makes me feel bad for some of the xbox fans, but then I remember how toxic you Xboxfans were last gen.. All I can say is guess you all need to suck it up buttercups and hope your team or preferred choice does better this next time around instead of living in the past and blaming folks who used to work for team xbox as if they haven't had plenty of time to right their ship instead of just stringing you xfans along for so long.
Even you @AngelicIceDiamond
"Big Defender" of xbox team were starting to question xbox's direction and commitment or at least it seemed that way for a split second. But alas they still got you and other die hards on that hook, line and sinker.
Peace, L♡ve and Overgrow the bullshit. Game On!

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XiNatsuDragnel53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I will do the "wait and see" game first, then criticized or praise depending on the decisions made by Sony, Nintendo, etc...

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