Does Apex Legends Have Bots? (Answered!)

Will Respawn Entertainment add bots to Apex Legends? Do they have the capacity to do so?

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Jin_Sakai552d ago

We know Apex Legends doesn’t have bots and adding them would be pointless. It would defeat the whole purpose of the game.

blacktiger551d ago

we know as in you know, pfft you dont know shit about anything unless they feed you the info,

nobodyspecial551d ago

I miss bots, and wish they'd make a comeback. Games as a whole would benefit from developers spending time building better and more advanced AI.

Scar-550d ago (Edited 550d ago )

They give the games legs and allow for the next generation to share the multiplayer experience long after the severs go down. I honestly wish all multiplayer games had bots on some level because once the severs go down you are looking at a expensive paper weight.