Wreckfest – Xbox One/PS4 | Review - SquareXO

SXO: If I could choose one game to be remade from the PS One era it would be Destruction Derby. It’s a title that holds a lot of nostalgia value for me, the one which I remember most fondly. The destruction and mindless action brought a joy that was unrivalled on any other console. Of course, if it was to be re-released now it probably would be nowhere near as good. It was a fairly simple game and therefore didn’t have a lot to it, with no online multiplayer or any of the other options you’d expect from a game in 2020. It’s probably because of these reasons Sony never brought the series back, although that doesn’t mean others can’t have a crack at it, so step forward Bugbear Entertainment with Wreckfest – the spiritual successor to the developer’s popular FlatOut series or as far as I am concerned the spiritual successor to Destruction Derby.

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