Edge: Inside Deus Ex 3 Preview

Edge writes: "A mysterious plague sweeps the Earth.

Mutilated cows are found lying in fields. Civilisation is facing collapse as mechanically modified humans corral the downtrodden while black helicopters prowl the skies. And behind these things a very select few individuals might perceive the subtle machinations of ancient secret societies, shadowy government agencies and other clandestine organisations trying to shape the future of humanity.

Deus Ex may have never strayed far from pulp conspiracy theory but, in its diligent excavation of every paranoid fantasy known to man, it created a profound sense of impending apocalypse. The third game in the series is a prequel, set in 2027, 25 years before the events of Deus Ex, but even though players will know how it all turns out, Eidos Montreal says it has been careful to maintain that cloying fear of the future."

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