Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will be a digital release only, VIII surpasses 9.6 million sold

There were some reports or rumors that Final Fantasy VIII Remastered would see a physical release of some kind but Square Enix has confirmed that all versions will only be sold digitally.

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PiNkFaIrYbOi1796d ago

Well, guess I will skip this one than.

colins1796d ago

oh hell no. I've been waiting too long to skip this one lol

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jaycptza1795d ago

Is it because of the storage issue or terrible WiFi on the Switch?

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-Foxtrot1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Aw man. Really?

I was hoping for a physical release with some special goodies.

I think LimitedRunGames should see if they can get some Final Fantasy games released, they could do an awesome steelbook collection if they go from the first game to FFIX

whitbyfox1795d ago

Did you get special goodies with the 7 and 9 digital-only remasters? No, so why expect otherwise here?

-Foxtrot1795d ago

Because they are going the extra mile with actually making it look like a remaster

whitbyfox1795d ago

It’s getting the same treatment as 7 and 9 remaster.

Dark_Overlord1795d ago

God no, anyone else but them. They are lying deceitful assholes. Play Asia is a far better choice IMO

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ElementX1795d ago

Not to mention fossil fuels burned for transportation, plus the shrink wrap ends up in the garbage.

DangerousDAN1795d ago

My lazy ass has given up on it. I'm actually quite content with not having to get up and go change the disc, go back to the couch and get the game going. Seeing those damn things stack up with the little space available doesn't help my willingness to continue supporting physical copies. And like the other guy says, how much pollution does that stuff produce? Where are all those old fifa and madden games going? Milllions of them! Where? My laziness saves the world this time. Join in, pal!

Viryu1796d ago

With the couple gameplay option additions, I'm quite disappointed they haven't added unlimited magic for the junction system. I really hated it how using magic was making you weaker, it's the only thing keeping me away from the remaster.