The History of Piss In Hideo Kojima's Games

From PSU: "Gamescom and the wider world was left in awe/disgust/confusion when Hideo Kojima decided to show off his latest creation, Death Stranding by having its protagonist, played by Boondock Saints alumni Norman Reedus, take a leak onscreen and subsequently cause a strange mushroom to grow from the puddle.

So how did it come to this? Well, Kojima has a long history with piss, an innocent obsession brought to virtual life over many years and several games. Witness the story of how he brought gaming pee to the mainstream, fell out of love with it, and rekindled that love once more in this, The History of Piss in Hideo Kojima’s Games."

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VenomUK26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Headline made me chuckle because it sounds like a spoof - but sure enough there is history there!

26d ago
Spacemagic26d ago

Ha, this is great. Nice article

phoenixwing25d ago

Cant believe this is actually an article. Good thing i have a sense of humor or this would have taken the piss out of me.

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