Resistance 2 Easter Egg gives props to MGS4

Easter Eggs are always fun little secrets to seek out -- such as this one from Resistance 2, which candidly gives a shout out to Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4

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kharma453656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Gotta love Insomniac :) One of the best devs of this generation!

EDIT: A disagree for that? Pfft, what the hell?

mpmaley3656d ago

Just some fanboys that are a little sad. I don't understand how you can't say a company that releases 3 games in 3 years that all average over 90% and are awesome games aren't one of the best devs this generation. Add to that they share their source code w/ other devs to help them better understand the hardware. All around it's a great company.

Twiky3656d ago

Just for saying that Insomniac is one of the best (not even saying it's THE best!!) devs this gen.

Everyday that passes we see more of this nonsense.

Don't worry Karma reaches them sooner than later!

Bubble to you friend!

hay3656d ago

Wow, nice catch. Cool tribute Insomniac!

Alvadr3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

This is Insomniacs 2nd generation PS3 game, many are still working on their first. They are an amazing dev for turning out AAA titles so fast without delay.

joemayo763656d ago

this is what i like to see between developers, not the all too common smack talk, where they talk sh*t bout anothers work.

nicely done insominiac, and props to all developers that do this :)

calis3656d ago

Love Insomniac. Love the Ratchet and Clank series.

ultimolu3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Damn straight.
Don't worry about the disagrees. Jealousy runs wild with this game.

SL1M DADDY3655d ago

You don't hear Ted getting in front of the press and talking smack about his games. He stands on the quality of his own titles and not the lesser quality of others. He boasts about his games in competition with their previous titles and not against some other game by another dev. You gotta give the team over at Insomniac props for that.

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PimpHandHappy3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Sony devs are always giving prop to each other

maybe its the tone Sony sets with being

but yea

Its always nice to see devs enjoy more then the game they are working on

EDIT: Wasnt me but calling them "one of the best" maybe made some butthurting fanboy hit that disagree! Its not like you said they make Bungie look like noobs or anything

pansenbaer3656d ago

Talk about humble. I was looking for Ted Price's name in the credits in the manual. I was like 'Okay Ted Price. I'll probably look for 'President'. Nope, just thrown in with the rest of 'Insomniac'. He values everybody on his team just as much as the next guy and doesn't think any higher of himself. Ted Price FTW!

hay3656d ago

lol, funny song. bubbles for the find mate.

callahan093656d ago

Yeah Pansenbear, you're absolutely right. In the credits to Resistance 2 when you beat the game, it just lists every member of the team in alphabetical order. Doesn't even mention what anybody did, it's just straight up equal props to all team members. Insomniac is absolutely one of the best groups of people making videogames these days. Just all around good people, good talent, and a good company.

theEnemy3656d ago

Yeah, I'm also looking for that too, and when you finished the campaign, the credits are in Alphabetical Order, there's no president, executive producer, etc. thing.

Now that's the way a good game dev should be. Not the one who's trying to be cool with a gun-chainsaw and a "RAWR" on his face.

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akaFullMetal3656d ago

thats pretty cool
awesome insomniac

AngryHippo3656d ago insomniac, great developers. Nice, insomniac are probably my favourite developers. Ted Price is ace.

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