Streets of Rage 4: 7 Minutes of Gameplay - Gamescom 2019

Check out 7 minutes of Axel and Cherry in early gameplay from Streets of Rage 4.

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Apocalypse Shadow59d ago

Only music I liked so far was the character select screen. Come on Yuzo. Where you at?

-Foxtrot58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I'm a little excited but the art style still isn't sitting right with me when you've seen some of the fantastic little remake projects over the years which not only look better but have updated the gameplay in general for a modern apporuch

Adams daughter over Adam himself is just silly

Then there's the music...I can hear some good stuff then other times it falls flat

SegaGamer58d ago

The art style is missing that grittiness of the old games, but the game play looks excellent, I have no complaints there. The music doesn't sound as impressive as previous games though. Is that really the boss battle music? if it is, then that is really disappointing, it didn't have anywhere near the same impact as previous boss battles in SoR. To be honest, the whole transition from normal gameplay to boss battle was disappointing, it didn't feel like they were about to go up against the toughest opponent in the level. It just felt like any other enemy to defeat.

Imortus_san58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Grafics are OK
Music is bad
Sound FX are Horrible
Game Play looks OK
Ai looks terrible

Sorry Sega but you are not getting my money with this.

specialguest58d ago

The sound FX is truly horrible. The sound FX of bodies hitting the ground gets annoying quick. The music is boring.

Imortus_san57d ago

After Sony Mania they had all the time to shine again, and they do this.

Fluttershy7758d ago

This looks better than the New Battletoads game, but still... I grew up with Warner Bros Cartoons, Chuck Jones, MGM Tex Avery and Disney, Akira, Miyazaki and all the anime from the 80's... and this is the best you can do these days?

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The story is too old to be commented.