The Acquisition of Insomniac Games Means Sony is Preparing for War

Sony acquiring Insomniac Games is a sign that the publisher is ready to get serious during the next console generation.

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Jin_Sakai30d ago

Sony will take next generation with ease. They have the best exclusives and gamers trust.

kohox30d ago

For real. Of all the next gen video game offerings the only one that feels like it's sure to succeed is PlayStation.

Stadia GTFO
Xbox who cares just go services only already.

AngelicIceDiamond30d ago

"Xbox who cares just go services only already." That's not the plan but ok. Sounds like you want just one company. Those plans aren't happening. I can't picture one ruling all that's just dumb and selfish. That would be a really dark age in gaming.

kohox30d ago

I think the dark age of gaming started when Microsoft made a console and gave us things like DLC and paid online and made gaming more about the money and less about the fun not to mention starting the aggressive console war BS we have now and so many other negative impacts.

I am 100% fine with it being just Nintendo and Sony with PC as well.

Apocalypse Shadow30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Preach kohox. Everything negative was a Microsoft introduced service. Preach.

Sony buying Insomniac is about bringing games to gamers who don't necessarily play online..

That's all I need in my book.

S2Killinit29d ago

Never bought a PlayStation that wasnt the best value for the buck purchase. When I buy one, I know it delivers in excess of my expectations. Everytime.

Jamaicangmr29d ago

You wouldn't like a future with only Sony. Hell with any one console maker.
It would be a stagnated swamp of safe boring games and expensive hardware.

Necr0philiac29d ago

DLC was around way before Xbox. Xbox was the first console with a built in hard drive. That's why it had it before Sony. Here is a analogy for you also. Is every murderer innocent because they were not the first to do it? The Sims, Call of Duty and Guitar Hero made expansion paks / DLC cashgrabs more popular with the game industry

kernel29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

you guys are hilarious, you think we are in a dark age of gaming? watch if xbox goes away, that will be a true dark age. Competition benefits consumers, so I want competition even against my favorite products.

ElementX29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

"I think the dark age of gaming started when Microsoft made a console and gave us things like DLC and paid online "

Sony didn't have to follow along with paid online. MS also brought things like a standard hard drive and an online infrastructure, along with indie games. What's so bad about DLC? Are you telling me you've never bought an add-on or expansion for any game? Expansions and add-ons were on PC way before Xbox. The first game with DLC was Total Annihilation back in 1997.

*EDIT* You can hate MS and Xbox and that's fine, but you can't basically say they created every bad thing that has happened to gaming and completely ignore the things that have been positive. Confirmation bias should be avoided.

kernel29d ago

@Necr0philiac no, the first dlc as we know it was horse armor for oblivion on xbox 360. Pc had full expansions, but none of that dlc crap.

darthv7229d ago

@kernel, horse armor is cosmetic so its more MT than DLC. DLC is just the general term for all downloadable content. DLC in general is not a bad thing but there are some who would taint the experience by doing such things like the horse armor.

@kohox, You know Sony didnt have to follow suit and turn + into a paid online service. I was happy with it being a discount service while they kept online play free for all. You blame MS for doing it, I blame Sony for following instead of leading by example and NOT going that route. And actually should we really be blaming the likes of WoW because they did it before Xbox and for only one game. At least XBL gave you access to all online games.

kernel29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

@darthv72 the term didnt even exist before Oblivion, but do go on. I guess you could argue that Total Annihilation let people download extra content for free before that, but they never called it dlc or sold it. Horse armor was the first paid dlc.

DaDrunkenJester29d ago

Lol what? Console wars were going on long before xbox joined the fray. I'm not sure if you're too young or just ignorant. How is MS responsible for DLC? Wtf.

Both companies have copied from each other. Ms has copied Sony, and Sony had copied MS ... if all these things were bad, then why had Sony followed suit? Why not just keep true and let MS have the superior online and achievements and such? Y'all trippin

Ricegum29d ago

^ Microsoft is pretty much the reason paid DLC came about, in order to one up Sony. Remember when they bought timed Gay Tony GTA DLC for £50million. Ironically it still sold better on PS3.

343_Guilty_Spark29d ago


DLC and paid online subscriptions didn't start with Microsoft? What were you born yesterday. There were all kinds of subscription services way before Xbox. DLC or it's equivalent aren't new ideas.

Sophisticated_Chap29d ago

This kind of brand loyalty towards Sony, or any other company for that matter, is straight up brainwashed zombie-like behavior. Pretty scary stuff when people in society get this caught up in brand loyalty, and yet, they aren't shareholders or employees really gaining anything, they're just people who buy video games. Sad!

Edito29d ago

@kohox you forgot to add timed exclusive... you are so right.

ILostMyMind28d ago

Sony reigned outright in the PlayStation One generation, and that was great. Sony reigned outright in the PlayStation 2 generation and that was wonderful.

andibandit28d ago


"the term didnt even exist before Oblivion, but do go on"

By your terms nobody was using Google before "Google it" became a phrase.

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XxExacutionerxX29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I’m sorry but no.... every company Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo has a terrible third console run.

xX-oldboy-Xx29d ago

PS3 terrible? Sales and fan admiration say otherwise, PS3 was a fantastic console.

Look at how it led into PS4, now look how ms is limping into Scarlett.

XxExacutionerxX29d ago

PS3 was a terrible console, I’m sorry.. stop defending that. Long Updates, super long installs, being told to get a second job to purchase one, controller was terrible, cell chip was Sony over hyped crap, wasn’t even more powerful or being than Xbox 360. I’m sorry but the Gears of War graphics were real while the Killzone 2 demo was fake and the game never came close to looking like the demo.

343_Guilty_Spark29d ago


Considering how much market share they lost coming from the dominant juggernaut PS2 era it wasn't their best run.

xX-oldboy-Xx29d ago

XxExacutionerxX - The PS3 is so good people will want to get a 2nd job to get one.

It went more like that.

It doesn't need defending haha, it's sales speak fro themselves. It's library speaks for itself.

Please remember I'm replying to the 3rd console being terrible. How did Nintendo go on their 3rd console? And what about ms?

Now that's what I call bad 3rd consoles, ms has done so bad I'd be VERY surprised if Scarlett outsells xbox one.

ms still has a funk about them they can't shake.

343 - Market share? it sold 2/3's of the highest selling console of all time - hard act to follow wouldn't you say?

Hate all you like. The fact is - as far as home consoles go, PlayStation is the strongest, most consistent brand available.

How is this even a debate?

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neutralgamer199229d ago

How is Sony preparing for war when the competition can't even release sale numbers because they are so far behind

Sony knows how to deliver and support teams which is something new for ms so let's see if they give creative freedom to the studios they bought

Both Ps5 and next Xbox cam have great success

29d ago
RangerWalk26729d ago

How can Sony prepare for war when it has the lowest capital of all three gaming companies? That's like saying they have the biggest guns but no ammunition

DarXyde29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I hope Sony will not go into next generation with your thinking. That arrogant belief that they have the best exclusives and gamers' trust. No. That is PS2 to PS3 era thinking. They need PS1 to PS2 era thinking. That feeling that they are on top and will continue to push to get give the most.

Ratchet7529d ago

Microsoft "we have bought new studio to win the war"
Sony "we have the god of war"

Orionsangel28d ago

I'm curious. What are the upcoming PS4 exclusive releases?

rainslacker28d ago

They've been serious this gen. It's not like Sony is reacting to MS in any way. They've been trying to buy insomniac for a while.

UnholyLight28d ago

Bahahaha kohox acting like console wars didn't exist before Microsoft

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Spurg30d ago

This was a reaction to MS eyeing out insomniac as they were an independent studio that could have been acquired. Sony bought them to secure the studio for Spiderman.

NarutoFox30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Hmmm You're probably right.

28d ago
kohox30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Yes... sure it was... you can't just make stuff up like that... give me a break.

28d ago
Knushwood Butt30d ago

In which case MS could eye out any old studio to try and force Sony's hand into buying them. Genius.

Teflon0229d ago

not likely. Sony and Insomniac are close. They probably just realized the companies future is more promisiong when they work with sony and Sony probably told them they'll own the ip's they make going forward since it won't make a difference. Which was Insomniacs only issue with Sony ever. They tried multiplat and weren't successful. They know that the only success they get is with Sony as they know how to deal with Sony games and such. They're like Naughty Dog in the sense that they messed perfectly anyways and should have been with them from the jump.

Kiwi6629d ago

Did you know that Insomniac nearly went bankrupt with the first game they made for ps but look at what have achieved since then

Kiwi6629d ago (Edited 29d ago )

For those who don't know the history of Insomniac Games in particular their early history here is a brief lesson
The company's first project was Disruptor, 1996 for the first PS console, whose poor sales almost led to the company's bankruptcy.
Insomniac's next project was Spyro the Dragon, a successful videogame that spawned two sequels.
So what i said is based upon a fact that cannot be disputed

SolidGamerX29d ago

What was it that made Microsoft so interested in buying them was it all those amazing Sunset Overdrive sales? Oh wait.........

Sony bought them because they're a great studio with a long history of great collaborations and now SIE is even stronger than before.

YourSixStudios_YT29d ago

Spiderman did very well, it sold over 13 million copies!

neutralgamer199229d ago

Than why did insomniac turn down more money from ms to go with Sony?

Insomniac told Sony they wanted to stay independent when they came back with ratchet and clank remake but after success of Spiderman they were getting offers left and right and felt it was the right time to join the WWS family and that's what they did

Ms also made an offer to bluepoint games who will be announced soon along with Mr Kojima himself

Kojima MD guerrilla games could be working on a game together soon

Sony has basically all the resources to spend to acquire talent and their new ceo has made it know he wants more in house development studios

What they have planned is something most are not ready for

Take two

Sony will buying 2 out of these 4 by reveal of Ps5. Remember that rumor about take two that was shot down well quickly well it wasn't a rumor

Sony new WWS logo leaked months back which had insomniac and Kojima on it yet Sony denied it at that time

Platinum games will become part of Sony or Nintendo

Darkborn29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I doubt Sony could buy take two, it has so many ips, and square Enix and Capcom do as well, I just don't think it'll happen like that. Don't get me wrong, I'd like them to because I love most of the games they make, however I also think it would pretty greedy of Sony to literally hog all the AAA third parties except for ubisoft and EA games lol.

EDIT * I've been saying that I would like Sony to snag up From Software though and I think they have some history together. If they announced a demons souls remastered for PS5 launch along with purchase of From Software and Blue point games to do the remaster, that would be pretty amazing along with a demons souls 2 launch date a year or two down the road.

BehindTheRows29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Not only can that not be proven, Sony seldom reacts on impulse to anything Microsoft is doing. Amazing that people feel they [Microsoft] have that kind of pull in the industry, but it's clear who has the better strategy.

OB1Biker29d ago

Thats true. Sony doesnt react. I think its more like going into next gen even better prepared than this gen taking into account Insomniacs influence.

LordJamar28d ago

You fanboys are dumber then I thought if you think Microsoft has no pull if you think Sony is not watching Microsoft every move truly dumb

BehindTheRows28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


Always find it cute to be called a fanboy (the most generic term) when I’m a PC gamer. Pure, unadulterated, comedy. Then to be called dumb is even funnier. Remember, a weak argument is one that has to be accompanied by an insult. ;)

When you decide to exit LaLa Land, you’ll know that not everything these companies do will elicit a direct response. Otherwise, show me five times Sony did this, particularly this gen, and I’ll open the door to the notion.

Spicyram28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Yawn. I doubt insomniac would allow themselves to be purchased by Microsoft. It was always going to be Sony, given their relationship with insomniac.

rainslacker28d ago

And you know this how? Not a single word has been said about who approached whi, or what deals may have been on the table. Insomniac wasnt in financial trouble, but maybe they went looking for a buyer. After the way MS pretty much squandered any chance of making SSoD a big name, why would insomniac go with them, when Sony who was willing to buy them has brought them success after success with their support? Could be sony made another offer, and insomniac wanted the security. Could be what you say that MS was making a move.

Point is, no one knows, least of all any of us. Making assumptive arguments as facts to make it look like a reactionary action from Sony is petty, and if I may say, desperate on your part. If MS brought then, they could have another studio make the game. They own every line of code from the original, so it's not like they were in danger of being left in the cold, and if insomniac is already making spiderman, they'd be contractually obligated to continue making it.

Insomniac was one of the largest independent publishers in the world. Nothing about what you say tracks with their history, not does it make sense given how insomniac has never received the kind of support Sony gives from other publishers.

Obscure_Observer27d ago (Edited 27d ago )


It´s OBVIOUS that Sony acquired Insomniac to prevent Microsoft to acquire them first! Sony´s acquisition of Insomniac has "Spiderman" written all over it!

The support Sony gave them was the middle finger when they asked to retain the rights/ownership of Sunset Overdrive which Sony denied! Sony pratically delivered Insomniac at Microsoft´s door. Microsoft funded their project and let them retain the rights for Sunset Overdrive and that´s alot more than Sony has done for them after DECADES of partnership and dedication.

When Insomniac expressed the desire of making a SSOD sequel looking for a publisher, Sony didn´t care! Now, after 13 million copies sold for Spiderman, all of sudden Sony wants them back? What? This sudden move don´t smell fishy to you? This acquisition has "Spiderman Money" written all over it and Sony only done it to secure Spiderman.

I´ll glad take back what i said if Sony give them freedom to do a SSOD sequel after this acquisition. But if their next game turn out to be another Spiderman, it will be nothing but futher proof that Sony only acquired Insomniac to secure future Spiderman games!

rainslacker27d ago

Wow. Compelling argument.

Never thought it was obvious, because for years Insomniac wanted to remain independent, and to me, its more obvious that Insomniac would go with the company that has supported them and helped them become successful over the years, and not the company which seems to struggle making games successful, including the games said company made, which MS did a horrible job of promoting.

The support Sony gave them was their standing 2nd party publishing deal. Insomniac didn't want that, but if Sony gave them the money to produce it, which they would have, they would have probably given it the proper development and marketing support they typically do. You say Sony didn't care, but they did. It's just not the deal that Insomniac wanted.

There was only a rumor that MS wanted to acquire Insomniac. There was only a rumor Sony did recently. But what we do know is that Sony has tried several times to acquire Insomniac, and we also know that regardless of Spider-man, Insomniac was not in a position they absolutely had to sell. As it stands, we have no idea of what offers were on the table, so to me, nothing is OBVIOUS(all capitals), like you put it.

Obscure_Observer27d ago (Edited 27d ago )


"Never thought it was obvious, because for years Insomniac wanted to remain independent, and to me, its more obvious that Insomniac would go with the company that has supported them and helped them become successful over the years, and not the company which seems to struggle making games successful, including the games said company made, which MS did a horrible job of promoting."

False! "Horrible job promoting"???

SSOD sold around 2 million copies on Xbox One both digital and retail when Xbox One´s install base were small back in 2014! Not even a year after Xbox One´s controversial launch! I´m pretty sure that Microsoft did a better job promoting SSOD than Sony did with The Order 1886, inFAMOUS: Second Son, Gravity Rush 2, Knack 2, Tearaway Unfolded and Ni no Kuni II among other! Yeah, Sony did a pretty nice job promoting those games, right?

"The support Sony gave them was their standing 2nd party publishing deal. Insomniac didn't want that, but if Sony gave them the money to produce it, which they would have, they would have probably given it the proper development and marketing support they typically do. You say Sony didn't care, but they did. It's just not the deal that Insomniac wanted."

The deal that Insomniac wanted is the same deal that Sony readly made with Kojima! Nothing more, nothing less! Sony said NO to Insomniac! FACT!

Btw, after all the success achieved by God of War, Cory Barlog also publicly stated that he wants Sony to give him the same opportunity they give Kojima and help him funding his project/game! Will Sony do it? Or will they just say no to another long time partner/employee? Should we expect a new IP from Cory, or another God of War? Just to be clear, that was a rethorical question.

"Nothing about what you say tracks with their history, not does it make sense given how insomniac has never received the kind of support Sony gives from other publishers."

We´ll see. As you say, action speaks louder than words, let´s see if Sony will give them the freedom to work on a SSOD sequel or they´ll force them to work on another Spiderman game! In this particular case (Keyword Particular) i bet Sony will choose money over freedom to Insomniac do what they want. Time will tell.

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NarutoFox30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

"Sony now has 14 studios under its belt. Microsoft, after its spending spree, has 15. It would be a safe bet that Sony might go looking for other studios to acquire."

The difference is 80% of Sony studios made great games this gen, whereas Microsoft studios only made two *great* games so far imo Forza and Ori and (Moon Studios is a independent developer that's not owned by Microsoft). Rare has been a disappointment this gen imo

Pennywise13829d ago

I just want Sony to grab a really good studio that specializes in RPGs. I feel like that’s really the only missing piece to the Sony stable of first party studios. Microsoft’s acquisition of obsidian was the only one that as a PlayStation gamer made me a little jealous.

Teflon0229d ago

If you're talking JRPGs. Japan Studios can definitely deliver if they're actually interested. Problem is they've always been more random. Gravity rush, Freedom Wars, the last guardian etc. Soul Sacrifice, Oreshika (RPG). They've also assisted with Level-5 games like White Knight Chronicles (Underated imo, especially the second game) and the creators of Legend of Dragoon. I think they could definitely do it if they're serious. That being said. I want them to grab Level-5. That would be the biggest grab for me as I love Level-5's Sony games and Dark Cloud 2 is my all time fav game. I would love them to make more.

29d ago
Darkborn29d ago

They need to grab From Software and Bluepoint games. Then they would be chilling.

RedDevils29d ago

I want them to buy Level 5 they have the quality of Square-Enix except they will be cheaper to buy.

Pennywise13829d ago

Yes level 5 would be a perfect acquisition.

I guess I just don’t think of horizon zero dawn as a full fledged RPG.

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solideagle29d ago

Sony has a strategist in their team for this gen. They knew they had this gen in the bag, so Sony Studios created new IPs which they can use for next gen. All they need to do is drop sequels and PS5 will sell a lot as all the new IPs are critically/commercially acclaimed.

King629d ago

Sony have 16 studios narutofox.

Darkborn29d ago

Plus multiple of those studios can literally work on 2 or 3 games at once and a couple of them have been rumored to upgrading offices further.

rainslacker28d ago

Some of their studios are publishing arms that work on what sony calls teams. Much like nintendo proper. One studio that can move people around to different projects as needed. Comparing studios in the highest level of what they're named doesn't really show the big picture

Obscure_Observer27d ago


Wrong. Sony has 13 studios (with the acquisition of Insomniac) accoding with SIE official website!

Obscure_Observer27d ago


Not really like Nintendo. Japan Studio basically only work as an assistence to other third party studios and their games are mostly A and AA.

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NeoGamer23229d ago

Both have really strong studios now.

80% of the MS purchased or funded studios made great games this gen as well. Forza Horizon, Pillars of Eternity, Senua's Sacrifice, Grim Fandango Remastered, Age of Empires Definitive Editions, Gears 4, Halo 5, Ori, Cuphead, and Continued Minecraft Releases and expansions. Even Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 grew into good games after release. And We Happy Few must have a following because it continues to get new DLC.

Only Forza Horizon was in the 90's this gen, but all these other games had solid 80+ showings, and many did their positive showings using independent funding rather then AAA first party funding.

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CP_Company30d ago

they bought and because they are making VR games and VR is very important to Sony, next gen they will push VR even more.