5 Games By Rare That Are Totally Overrated (And 5 That Are Underrated)

The makers of Goldeneye and Donkey Kong Country has an admirable selection of games, spanning all genres.

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Sciurus_vulgaris629d ago

How can GoldenEye 007 Be overrated for not aging well? It was made for the N64 a console with limited hardware and frankly a controller designed for an octopus. GoldenEye 007 is highly influential game that paved the way for console FPS games.

TheFirstClassic627d ago

There was a massive jump in complexity when you compare goldeneye to previous shooters. It deserves all the praise it gets for sure, especially when you consider how small the dev team was. I still feel like Goldeneye does a few things better than modern shooters, despite how much it has aged.

Sciurus_vulgaris627d ago

Golden Eye has objective-based level design. Few shooter focus on objective based gameplay. In Golden Eye-Esque shooter such as Perfect Dark, Nightfire and Timesplitters, missions would have more objectives on higher difficulty levels. To successfully beat the levels, you as the player had to manage your health and resources in addition to memorizing enemy placements.

jreeves82627d ago

How can they not have Conkers Bad Fur Day on there for being underrated. In my opinion it's the best game ever made by Rare.

NotoriousWhiz627d ago

I did not like the single player but multi-player was amazing. The capture the flag, capture the toxic bomb, steal dinosaur eggs, and robbing the bank mini games. These were all fun for so many hours.

zodiac909627d ago should be ILLEGAL for how much Microsoft has shat on Rare.

darthv72626d ago

MS has not done anything bad to Rare. They get free roam to do as they please.

Just FYI, the Rare you knew wasnt the Rare MS bought. Those guys jumped ship before the buyout and formed Free Radical.

627d ago
NotoriousWhiz627d ago

Jet Force Gemini is very much my favorite single player rare game.

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