10 Games Still Trapped Exclusively On PS1

Sometimes classic titles remain lost on discontinued consoles. Here are 10 games that are still trapped exclusively on the PlayStation or PS1.

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Relientk7754d ago

I wish they would remake or remaster Brave Fencer Musashi. Also would like an actual good sequel to the game, unlike the PS2 sequel they made.

AK9153d ago

Agreed that PS2 sequel was utter trash

Gaming10153d ago

I can't believe Einhander hasn't been at least remastered or been given a sequel. It was an amazing shooter way ahead of its time on PS1 back in the day.

kparks53d ago

That and Legend Of Dragoon remake would be lit!

DarXyde53d ago

Jersey Devil! I remember the PS1 commercials for that game! Ah, thanks for that. Takes me back.

I also was that weird kid that liked Intelligent Cube

bluebenjamin53d ago

I liked intelligent cube I use to play it in a demo disc all the time

coolastheycome53d ago

Oh man I loved Jersey Devil! I would love a remaster of it!

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The story is too old to be commented.