Disney+ Will Launch With Xbox One And PS4 Support

Disney+ has announced the platforms and devices that will be able to support the streaming service day one.

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THC CELL405d ago

After Disney letting Sony go under fire for the fault of there own greed I'm surprise Sony dose not cancel all ties with em

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gamer7804405d ago

Disney is a corporation, they will always be looking out for their own interest, same with any other.

OB1Biker405d ago

They are next level though. So greedy they d bite their own @ss. They just did.

Summons75405d ago

What you should say is, Surprised Sony doesn't put an end to this because of their greed and bitterness. Sony is the one to blame for the Spider-man mistake they just made.

Battlestar23405d ago

Disney are the greedy ones in this stop blaming Sony for everything gone wrong in your life.

Yourewrong405d ago

Spider-Man is at his best when he's on his own or with an occasional costar like Daredevil, Punisher, Kingpin, and not as Tony Starks sidekick. Marvel doesn't need him till Secret Wars kicks off anywayd

P_Bomb405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

What mistake? They let Disney use Spider-Man for three crossover movies. Those three movies made Disney almost 6 billion dollars royalty free.

If there’s still question as to whether the 100% merchandise Sony gave them back years ago wasn’t enough https://www.hollywoodreport... on top of the 5% kickback, a new report says Rothman offered Disney 25% of the franchise as well as co-financing in exchange for Feige and Disney declined . Insiders also claim Disney want to focus on fixing Xmen & FF now since they actually own them and they cost a fortune, Dark Phoenix be damned.

jwillj2k4405d ago

Awww you’re new to business, thinking with your emotions still. Bless your heart..

PapaBop405d ago

That would be both petty and bad for business. Disney maybe Creedy Gunts but there is no need to deny their own PS fanbase access to Disney+ because of their own differences with them.

TheColbertinator405d ago

Sony Interactive is not Sony Pictures or Sony Music. All those subsidiaries are not in charge of each other. Sony Interactive wants that Disney+ money.

agnosticgamer405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

Why? Disney wanted 50/50 on movie rights to a Marvel Character they don't own (for movies). That sounds like Disney is the greedy company to me. Not to mention Disney still owned the merchandise profits. I can see Disney wanting more than like the 5% they were getting... but to go from 5 to 50... way too big of a jump and I can see why Sony put a stop to it.

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Hroach616405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

Sony/Disney situation aside, Disney+ is day one for me. That catalog of content is massive. I really hope king of the hill gets put on there now that they own it. Show doesn’t stream anywhere in Canada.

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strayanalog405d ago

Now if only the criterion channel would.

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The story is too old to be commented.