Should Disney Take Back The Star Wars And Marvel Game Rights?

Is it time for Disney to revoke the Star Wars and Marvel licenses and start developing things themselves?

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jaycptza876d ago

Lol, they can try but I promise that won't be an easy or cheap task.

Mr_Writer85876d ago

They'd have to open or buy several studios, hire hundreds if not thousands of staff, then finance the games. And allow 3-5 years development.

Would cost them billions.

Or they let other compines who have been making games for years /decades, either pay upfront for a long term licence deal, or publish and take a slice of any games made.

Both of this result in money coming in, with either nothing spent, or most of the profit going to them.

Tross876d ago

With what studios? I'm serious, what studios does Disney have to make games with? If games are a venture they're serious about and they don't want to continue licensing their IPs out to third parties they need a studio or two with which to make games. Failing that, contracting other devs is their best option. They should ditch EA though. Nothing good comes from dealing with such a vile company.

AK91876d ago (Edited 876d ago )

Disney don't care, games are their last priority they care more about making Movies and TV shows, with games they just go with one that can bring them alot of cash and even if said games aren't blockbusters they are still making more money in the Film department.

PhoenixUp876d ago (Edited 876d ago )

As if Disney could do better with their own properties in the world of gaming

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