Sony's acquisition of Insomniac mirrors Microsoft's aggressive expansion

Sony's absorbed its perennial partner, Insomniac Games -- probably to protect it from Microsoft, which has acquired multiple studios in the last year.

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Jin_Sakai30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Sony acquiring Insomniac Games was a bigger deal than all the recent Microsoft studio acquisitions.

I can only imagine what Insomniac Games will achieve alongside Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, and Sucker Punch with the backing of Sony.

bluebenjamin29d ago

Hype hype hype nothing has changed its insomnia on Playstation this is not new man y’all funny. Thats like Microsoft buying Remedy

29d ago
SpineSaw29d ago

Noooo its not like Microsoft buying Remedy. Also Microsoft has not purchased Remedy and I don't think Remedy wasn't that to become reality......ever! What your trying to say but are unable to is Sony bringing Insomniac into the fold is like Microsoft buying Playground Games or Undead Labs. But it's not even close. Playground Games has developed 1 game and they did it 4 times and their repeated project was for the Microsoft platforms and the same can be said for Undead Labs 1 game and then repeated all for the Microsoft platforms. That's like a waste of a lot of money for Microsoft. Well, maybe Goggle was looking to purchase them cause Sony had no plans for those 2 Devs. Insomniac on the other had developed many games for many different platforms and this is what makes this a huge score for Sony. Microsoft purchased what that already had.

bluebenjamin29d ago

Spinesawn No thats not what im saying what I am saying is insomniac has been in the Playstation family nothing changed Playstation was gonna get exclusives games from insomniac anyway

Kingthrash36029d ago

Sunset was a MS exclusive AAA ip for a while ....whats playground games exclusive AAA ip for sony?

SolidGamerX29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

So something changing is the requirement to an acquisition being meaningful? So then by your definition Microsoft's purchase of Playground Games is meaningless because they had already been making games for them?

indysurfn29d ago

No If Microsoft bought remedy they will control freak them to death and they will be like Rare. Rare used to be a hit machine under Nintendo. But just like other devs Microsoft micro-managed them into a joke.

Darkborn29d ago

Lol that's like Microsoft buying an actual good studio. Remedy isn't at the level of insomniac or any of Sonys first parties.

XtaZ29d ago


Hey idiot, maybe you should go look up the history of Rare instead of sitting there completely unknowing of anything you talk about and spreading lies? Rare fell apart long before MS acquired them while they were still working for Nintendo.

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DaDrunkenJester29d ago

I would never downplay Insomniac or any other Sony studio, but MS did get some pretty good ones. Obsidian makes massive and well received RPG games, InXile makes very good and polished strategy games, Playground Games makes one of the best arcade racers out there, Ninja Theory has been a bit wishy washy but they have good creativity and shown they can make good action and story focused games, Double Fine makes really fun and quirky AA games.

I wouldn't downplay these acquisitions. Does it mean they will be pumping out the same quality as the Sony studios, no, but they did grab some studios that not only make GOOD games, but also adds a lot of variety to the genres they already have. Insomniac joining Sony is a match made in heaven since they already match that same 3rd person, story driven, cinematic approach that Sony strives for.

IamTylerDurden129d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Obsidian is a very solid studio, but they aren't a huge 300 person AAA team, in fact, they are about half that. They really don't make massive AAAs on average. Even Fallout New Vegas was a project assisted by Bethesda. They used their assets and the Gamebryo engine and basically in the past decade they haven't released anything as big, or anything that would even be considered AAA, let alone "massive". Since Fallout New Vegas they have stuck to smaller isometric or "top down" RPGs like Pillars, Tyranny, and Dungeon Siege. They have also been a support studio for other projects. In fact, Outer Worlds is the first AAA-ish game since New Vegas and even Obsidian themselves warned ppl that the game will not be anywhere near as large or robust as a Fallout game. Obsidian is fantastic, and i'm actually shocked and disappointed that Microsoft will get to put their questionable hands all over them, but don't overstate the studio or the games they make. Or at least the size of them.

To brag about Playground is odd considering they have basically operated like a MS owned studio for years. It's nice to lock them up, but it doesn't add anything but a little peace of mind. The same can't be said for Insomniac, though Sony does have a rich history with them. Getting Insomniac's full attention and all 300+ employees to work strictly on Sony products is huge. Potentially Insomniac could have 2-3 Sony projects in development at all times when u consider their work in VR.

DaDrunkenJester29d ago


Why would acquiring teams your already close with diminish anything? MS was close with Bioware and look what happened. Are you saying that Sony not buying up Insomniac isnt big news? Plus, we already know that Playground is making a big RPG game and if it blows up then I doubt MS wants to try and fight or get into a bidding war with another publisher looking to swoop in.

Regardless, opinions aside, both companies are going into the next gen with a good amount of dev teams and I'm excited to see what's ahead of us with PS5 and Scarlet.

darthv7229d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I disagree only because the IG thing was long overdue. The fact that MS even announced they had acquired 7 (or8) studios was the biggest jaw dropping surprise of the entire gen. Mainly because MS lackluster involvement up to that point was just laughable.

The IG thing is big, don't get me wrong but MS and their announcement is still bigger. Now we know what is going to transpire between IG and Sony, they been working together for 20+ years so its no surprise. It seems all eyes are more focused on what (if anything) comes from those new studios over at the house of many Windows.

OB1Biker29d ago

I't seems all eyes are more focused on what (if anything) comes from those new studios over at the house of many Windows.'
Alien eyes?

IamTylerDurden129d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Playground Games and Undead Labs have operated like MS owned studios for years. Locking them up was nice peace of mind, but it changes nothing as far as day to day operations/output.

Then they formed some strange studio and we don't know much about it.

Compulsion is a 40 person team coming off a flop.

Double Fine makes small, inconsequential games mostly.

IneXile is quality, but tiny.

Ninja Theory is a nice signing, but still only a 100 person team scattered around small projects like the dreadful looking Bleeding Edge. Still a good acquisition and a huge announcement, no doubt.

Obsidian is a great acquisition, can't lie, but they still aren't a robust AAA studio.

The Microsoft signings were phenomenal for Xbox, but even though Phil likes to throw big numbers around, only 2 of those acquisitions were really impactful. Obsidian and Ninja Theory, and neither is a robust AAA team. MS seems to have cherry picked smaller studios with financial uncertainty. Ppl are also nervous that many of these acquisitions were primarily to feed Game Pass with quick, lower budget games rather than impressive AAAs. Whereas Insomniac is a giant AAA studio in their prime, capable of yielding multiple AAAs at a time if need be. Both situations are ideal for the respective parties. It just comes down to which flavor you prefer.

georeo29d ago

All that really matters is more games for both consoles. You don't have to always make it war.

drunkenspy00729d ago

Obsidian going to MS made me wince tbh. I hope they treat them right.

Obscure_Observer29d ago


"Sony acquiring Insomniac Games was a bigger deal than all the recent Microsoft studio acquisitions."

Bigger than Microsoft acquiring Playground and Obsidian? Lol!

XtaZ28d ago

Yup, laughable and clueless statement from Jin as usual as Microsoft's acquisitions and even some of the new IP's they got alone is a way bigger deal than the Insomniac acquisition in it's entirety. All of Microsoft's recent acquisitions and all the growth these studios have had for the past year equals to about 830 new employees working on games which is just insane, and MS has hired some of the finest talent in the industry to boost their roster.

Imalwaysright29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

They had Sony's backing in every game they made exlusively for Playstation platforms. Also, Sony's biggest studios tend to do their own thing and have their own proprietary engines and the same is true for Insomniac. I have no idea of what you're talking about and I completely disagree that the purchase of one studio is a bigger deal than the purchase of multiple studios some of them with great track records despite not having budgets for their games even comparable with games like Ratchet and especially Spider man.

Kumakai29d ago

Ummm ms owns Minecraft. One of the biggest releases next to gta. That’s a pretty big deal to me. And that’s after you remember they bought 7 studios all with critically acclaimed hits... in addition to the studios they already work with. Sony had a better gen8 with exclusives but I think gen9 is gonna be much more competitive and PlayStation can’t just rest on the success of ps4 and call it good.

IamTylerDurden128d ago

Why is Minecraft a big deal to you? It's a multiplat. It would be multiplatform if Microsoft owned it or not. Plus it's fucking terrible.

IamTylerDurden129d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Imagine what Spider-man 2 will be like? Spider-man sold more than 13 million copies in under a year, so the sales expectations for the Spider-man sequel have obviously risen. Therefore, it's safe to assume that Spider-man 2 will have a bigger budget than the original.

With Insomniac fully integrated into the Sony family i'd assume they will have even greater support and more access to Sony's wealth of technology. They now have the keys to the castle and any proprietary technology or collaboration on tech with other first party studios is at their fingertips.

The powerful PS5 hardware should also give both the studio and the upcoming sequel a massive boost. With all these advantages i am very excited to see what heights Sony and Insomniac can reach on their new game. Spider-man 2 should be a jaw dropping spectacle. I can't wait.

AngelicIceDiamond29d ago

Pretty sure NT buy out by MS made a big deal considering they're tight relationship with Sony.

n1kki629d ago

Really, because they have almost always been a sony exclusive developer. Sony probably made this move because MS was making a play.

King_Noctis29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Bigger deal than the acquisition of Ninja Theory, Obsidian, and Playground combined? These three studios made games after games that went on to become GOTY for their respective studios.

It is disrespectful to those studios to think this way, and surely only a fanboy would think this way.

IamTylerDurden128d ago (Edited 28d ago )

None of these companies ever made a legitimate GotY contender. Hellblade? Pillars? Forza? New Vegas? All excellent games other than Hellblade, which is a beautiful but limited game that was massively overated, but not GotY. Am i wrong? Did PoE or New Vegas win a few? Doubtful.

Is Playground really that impactful? Haven't they been producing only Microsoft exclusives since their inception in 2010? Signing them offers security, but changes nothing as far as output. Every dev at Playground Games has only ever worked on Microsoft games since the company formed and adding them changes nothing for the common fan. Stop overstating the signing. NT and Obsidian were big, i agree.

It's disrespectful to be more excited about one massive studio over a bunch of smaller studios? It's just preference. Some ppl prefer the Insomniac acquisition, but both were huge.

XtaZ29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Delusional BS from you like usual. Insomniac have historically almost exclusively made games Sony, most of the IP's they have worked on was already owned by Sony and the few IP's Sony got with the purchase flopped hard. The acquisition was as boring and unsurprising as it gets and the talent are at best on par with most of the studios MS acquired. The Obsidian acquisition alone is a much bigger and more exciting deal than this by a mile.

What's funny is that Sony only purchased them after they had their first massive hit with Spider-Man (a IP they don't even own) and Sony probably have plans to make them a Spider-Man factory, but just two days later they get in a fight with Marvel over the movies and pull out of the MCU and also risk losing their game license too if Marvel/Disney really decides to give them the middle finger.

IamTylerDurden128d ago

The Disney beef doesn't impact the games, this was already confirmed.

Insomniac has developed numerous successful franchises. Are you serious? Spyro, R&C, Resistance, Spider-man. Sony stated that they want Insomniac working on R&C and Spider-man. It's also assumed they will work on VR, you know, because Sony actually has VR. So definitely not just a Spider-man factory. Insomniac has 2 main teams anyway. One team in CA and a team in NC. They always work on multiple projects, they have 300+ developers.

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AspiringProGenji30d ago

Insomniac was already in a contract with Sony when MS was buying studios. The acquisition would not happen even if MS wanted. I can't also imagine Insomniac being bought out by MS when their fanbase is on PS and the long and successful partnership with Sony. It would have been like Playground being like ''Oops, we are a Sony studio now. F MS and everything else.''

Pickledpepper29d ago

Lol fanboys
Always good for a giggle

Darkborn29d ago

I mean to be fair, insomniac kinda did that with sunset overdrive this Gen.

Einhander197129d ago

Except Sony’s aggressive expansion is far greater than Microsoft’s.

DaDrunkenJester29d ago

MS has 15

Sony now has 16 with Insomniac joining.

They are about on par as far as expanding... Now feel free to argue quality for sure.

bluefox75529d ago

...and therein lies the rub, quality. MS seems to be content releasing AA gamepass games, while Sony releases AAA blockbuster, GOTY contenders. I don't think it would matter if MS had double the studios.

DaDrunkenJester29d ago


All depends, nothing wrong with creating engaging and fun AA games with a few big AAA game sprinkled in. Variety is the spice of life.

For every UC, TLoU, GoW, Spider-Man, Horizon Sony has made... they have also made some not so great games as well.

solideagle29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

In my humble opinion MS will have to create new IPs and have a lot to prove. Sony can just drop

Horizon 2
God of war 2/5
Spider man 2
Days Gone 2
The Last of Us 3
Ghost of tsushima 2 (1 looks promising)


Death Stranding 2
Uncharted 5 (same number as Playstation)

you know what I mean? Sony's next gen is already looking strong by only listed first party titles.

AngelicIceDiamond29d ago

@blue PGG, Rare and the Initiative and NT are making AAA games. Now delete your comment.

SolidGamerX29d ago

There is no argument its abundantly clear who has the better games.

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Einhander197129d ago

The worst deal ever was Rare being bought out from Microsoft. Nintendo should of snapped that one up, maybe we would see better games with both contributing to development.

darthv7229d ago

Keep in mind, the talent of Rare had already left by the time that went down. MS bought Rare in name only, a few originals stayed on but not many. So it really wasn't a bad deal for MS. Had they not, the talent was still gone so its not like Nintendo would still be getting games from them on the level of Conker and Banjo.

Einhander197129d ago

Yes I know what your saying but Rare and Nintendo had more in common with the games they produce. When you have to companies bouncing ideas of each other magic happens. Retro studios for example still still work closely with Nintendo to get that secret sauce that make Nintendo games special.

DaDrunkenJester29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Lol Nintendo was the one who was selling off their shares in Rare because their games weren't selling well. The two main people looking at Rare was Activision and MS, and MS outbid them for the shares Nintendo gave up. Then between all the stress of not selling well, and NIntendo not interested in them anymore, a lot of the main people jumped ship before Activision or MS was looking to buy them.

thatguyhayat29d ago

Well it makes sense since Sony nearly owns all their IP except Fuse and Sunset overdrive

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