'Mario,' 'Zelda' Tunes Deleted From 'Guitar Hero' Music-Sharing Service

Is it any surprise that some of the most popular tracks being created in "Guitar Hero: World Tour"'s music creation studio are ripped from video games?

When GH Tunes launched in late October, the most popular songs on the service were based on music from "Super Mario Bros." and "The Legend of Zelda."

But they aren't anymore.

Based on a recent search, those songs do not appear to be on the service any longer, likely a result of copyright infringement monitoring from Neversoft and Activision Blizzard - but they are still on my hard drive. The creators of the game can't remotely delete material.

However, the blips and bloops of Mario and Link have been replaced with other video game jingles, ranging from "Final Fantasy" to "Sonic the Hedgehog" and even "DOOM."

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baum3656d ago

Guitar Hero sucks And so does activision

TheDude2dot03656d ago

Activision = loserfaces
Harmonix = slightly better but still making stupid decisions recently that piss me off

PS360PCROCKS3656d ago

haha mario? That would be hilarious to play!

RSX3656d ago

Same thing could happen to LBP

DarkBlood3656d ago

would they had done that if it was made on the wii version

wow so much for creative freedom nowadays
most people create stuff thats from other games n stuff because thier own ideas sucks i know im saying this because no one would play my ideas only something they reconize which we can make good at

so im saying my own ideas oringal would suck and i just know it

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