New Call of Duty Feels Like Old Call of Duty

CinemaBlend writes:"After hearing that the Call of Duty: World at War demo--- I mean beta, was available for any Xbox Gold subscriber, I decided to download it. After playing for about two hours, I've come to one conclusion, and one of my good friends put it best: "World at War is totally a World War II mod for CoD4," and she's entirely right.

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GrieverSoul4045d ago

First this is a X360 related story and if by any means CoD4 WaW fails, the Xbox owners will start to think why they pay 100 dollars to play CoD4 Modern Warfare online because the game costs 60 dollars and LIVE costs another 50 dollars. They have to justify why they pay 50 dollars for online.
Thats the reason why online games sell better in the X360. If you pay for an online service you feel obligated to use it. Imagine paying for LIVE and only play Lost Odissey or Fable 2 (dont get me started on the Co Op for Fable, it sucks and its full of glitches). About Fable, the Co-Op proves what Im saying, they had to implement that feature in a game where Co-Op doesnt make any sense!
This all is related to the topic, this game is actually a mod for CoD4 MW! Its a good game but honestly, should we pay its full price?! Why not releasing it as an expansion?! Its all there is!

jack who4044d ago

am sure i didnt pay 50$ a year just to play cod online

Snukadaman_4044d ago

This game does not look like cod4 though...the graphics are underwhelming......People pay for xbox live to play other people that pay for xbox hard is it to understand?

ambientFLIER4044d ago

What a stupid comment. Paying $110 dollars for a game because live costs $50 a year...

Does that mean that World of Warcraft costs $200? $50 for the game and $150 for the subscription for a year?

Besides, wouldn't an average person have more than one Xbox game, splitting the cost of Live between all of them? Of course, that only works if someone believes your retarded comments.

PopEmUp4044d ago

"People pay for xbox live to play other people that pay for xbox live" I don't get the Facking clue of what the hell is that mean, but obviously people pay live to enjoy the content that it offer such playing online game any games not just one, and exchanging stuff or whatever the online community had to offer, but man the guy up above you really had no clue

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Hellsvacancy4044d ago

And ill hav to say i quite liked it,

I couldnt believe how violent it was - suits me just fine

And online was ok but i think the reason a didnt like it as much was because i had a rip on the Killzone 2 beta for a while b4, COD5 hasnt left much of an impact on me as K2 did - but its not out 4 another 3 or so months so Cod5 will hav to do

Oh the single player campaign is brilliant as u would expect

I promise i tell NO lies

OOG4044d ago

yeah game is pretty fun....and they added a lot of stuff that infinity ward should have with updates....but you know once they sold cod4 they didnt care about the fans enough to make the game better

tocrazed4you4044d ago

If its like cod 4 than its great because there are more stuff in this game that infinity ward promised that didn't do aka co-op. In this one you got the nazi zombie, vehicles, flame thrower,destructible enviorments, and other stuff should make it fun.

BattleAxe4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

Well, CoD: WaW being a mod of one of the best FPS games of all time is a fantastic thing and I can't wait to play it.

Having Infinity Ward and Treyarch trying to one up eachother every other game might be the best thing for the Call of Duty franchise.

Elimin84044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

Infinity Ward did not add what was added in COD:WaW so treyarch could look good since they were under heavy scrutiny for F#ckin up the series... just a thought....

psnDevistator3564044d ago

to Play another WWII Game. Heck I can barely watch it.

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Gun_Senshi4044d ago

I have full version.

It feels like Downgrade of COD2.

crimsonfox4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

why don't i believe you know what your talking about

Gun_Senshi4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

here is proof i have game.

Go F yourself disagreers and bubble - twits.

If you want i take screenshots playing too!

crimsonfox4044d ago

go through all that trouble no one really cares that much i promise

Denges4044d ago

feels like a COD4 mod :/

Miraak82 4044d ago

I won't play a yearly franchise on multiple consoles, I think it divides the community of what it could have been , resistance 2 and lbp are gonna keep me occupied for the months to come till Killzone 2 comes out. the first killzone had a strong online community years 5 after its release and prolly won't see it sequal for a long time. as good as call of duty is , I hope it doesn't go the way of the tony hawk series of yearly installments

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The story is too old to be commented.