PlayStation 5 Leaked Dev Kit Design Confirmed

Yesterday, a new hardware patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment for an unknown electronic device surfaced, and it appeared to be for the PlayStation 5 developer kit. At the time, it wasn't clear if it was indeed the PS5 dev kit, however, many assumed it was because it was unclear what else it could be. That said, it seems those assumptions were correct. Since the patent started to make the rounds early yesterday, a developer has chimed in claiming that is indeed the PS5 dev kit, and they know this because they have one at the office.

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Obscure_Observer521d ago ShowReplies(20)
IRetrouk520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

I honestly do not like the look of this, wont stop me from getting it day one but I really hope the one we buy does not look like this, I know it probably wont as it's a dev kit but still, just dont like it.

anonymousfan520d ago

Yeah I honestly think it looks atrocious I don't want that in my living room

IRetrouk520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

While I've never been overly fussed on console design, that was my first thought too.

WickedLester520d ago

It could look like a 1956 Studebaker for all I care as long as it's powerful and runs quiet.

UltraNova520d ago

I dont care about the box as long as its designed to vent heat out, effectively and quietly.

IRetrouk519d ago

Like I say, while I'm generally not bothered by the looks of a console, I just dont like it, just one of those things🤷‍♂️

IamTylerDurden1519d ago (Edited 519d ago )

As the article states, dev kits rarely look like the retail version. Regardless, the more important thing is what it can do. Besides, Sony has a rich history of attractive hardware and electronics. I'm confident the console will be slick just as the PS4 was. It's interesting when u compare the history of Sony hardware with Nintendo and Microsoft. By and large, Sony has had the more impressive looking hardware. Nintendo products are generally cheap looking white plastic with average build quality. Microsoft has had ugly hardware up until maybe the S/XB1X. Sony's history as a leading consumer electronics supplier obviously gives them an advantage.

IRetrouk519d ago

Chill out man 🤣, I'm well aware devs kits dont tend to look like the final version, I've said as much in my first comment, none of what you wrote takes away the simple fact that I think it looks terrible. Nothing to do with nintendo or microsoft or even sonys other consoles, my comment is just for this abomination.

Inzo519d ago

According to the article its most likely a dev kit and not the final production design.

garos82519d ago

Dev Kits never look the same like the final consumer product. No where near the same even

Gaming101519d ago

There is no official bezel for the console yet. The picture on this article is a photoshop much like other photoshops of consoles over the years, all of which look ridiculous.

xer0519d ago

Sony is blowing smoke to distract and limit exposure. Developers are sources of major leaks and this a clever ploy on their part.

519d ago
mogwaii519d ago

You know you will still shell out so quit with the dramatics.

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Segata520d ago

Dev kits rarely look like the finished console. PS4 dev kit looks nothing like PS4. Dev kits are dev kits for a reason. They pack more power than the home version and have other hardware inside. PS5 will look nothing like this

Knushwood Butt520d ago

360 dev kits we big, ugly green bricks.

519d ago
rainslacker519d ago

I question the verifying 3rd party devs verification. Final dev kit boxes aren't typically released this early, so even if the patent shows it like that, the final kit in such a polished form is unlikely to even be produced yet. That would require final production of the form factor. Generally, dev kits at this stage of pre-release are just special build PC's.

Smok91520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

It won’t. Dev kits, especially early models tend to be nothing like the consumer product.

Brave_Losers_Unite519d ago

You do realize the final product wont look like this right?

SmielmaN519d ago

Dev Kits never look like the consumer product. Google some of the older gens dev kits and watch your worries float away

WelkinCole519d ago

I will never understand gamers like you that care about how a console look.

Mr_Writer85519d ago

Why would how a dev kits looks like matter?

519d ago
mandingo519d ago

So why you saying you don’t like it if the final console won’t look like it. You’ll never see it. I don’t understand.

IRetrouk519d ago (Edited 519d ago )

Easy, the article is confirming what the dev kit looks like, I'm giving my view on said look......

Mr_Writer85518d ago

Again why does it matter what it looks like?

adonisisfree519d ago

Of course it won’t look like that. Lol

chobit_A5HL3Y519d ago

as long as it’s designed well; lasts a long time and doesn’t overheat, then i don’t really care what it looks like.

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ApocalypseShadow520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

I really wouldn't care what it looks like even if it looked like a "V." If it's powerful, as long as it WORKS, can breath and stay cool, is mostly quiet and plays games, I don't care. I'm not playing the console. I'm playing the games. I'm not looking forward to the shape. I'm looking forward to the GAMES.

As for cost, PS3 at $500-$600 was outselling Xbox 360 worldwide since launch. That's a fact. Even during the economic downturn, it was still outselling 360. Because gamers knew Sony would bring the games just like PS1 and PS2. The media attacked it backed by advertising dollars and it still sold. PS4 at $400 sold like gangbusters. Gamers knew again what they were getting and will get in games.

Some try and make it seem that a Sony system at a higher price than the traditional $299 won't sell. When in reality, it's other systems we won't mention that wouldn't be able to sell at $500 or more like a particular platform now. Which is just projecting.

As long as it works and there's no economic crisis, PlayStations will sell regardless. That's just the truth. They're the market leader and prove in games why they are in a leadership position. You can buy their systems and know you'll get your money's worth.

IRetrouk520d ago

That's all well and good but this thing looks horrible, wont stop me buying one, but my eyes dont like it, it is a dev kit which more than likely means the one we buy will look completely different, hopefully that's the case.

Segata520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

PS4 dev kit so nothing to worry about. Dev kits don't look like the consoles. PS2,Xbox and Dreamcast dev kits were just tower PC's. PS3 dev kit looked like a massive CD changer from the 90s.

deadfrag520d ago

You can bet the PS5 its going to BE bigger than the PS4 Pro!I really think people should expect atleast a system of the same size has the first generation PS3!

IRetrouk520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

Size doesn't really bother me so much as overall look

bluebenjamin520d ago

The first gen ps3 was a nice looking game machine good tech for its time even now where else will you find a super audio player blu ray player last of us player bc with psone all in one console the Ps3 was the better Playstation compared to the 4 IDC what nobody says

IRetrouk519d ago

Yeah the original 60g ps3 has probably been the most feature packed console so far, I still prefer my pro though, it's the games man.

andibandit519d ago

I think that goes without saying, but given the choice I would like something pleasing to look at.

mogwaii519d ago (Edited 519d ago )

Who/what are these gangbusters and why did they sell so well?
Must find me a gangbuster stat!

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Segata520d ago

If anyone is worried. Dev kits almost always look different than the consumer version. They are more powerful and have more ports and other hardware features for devs only. Go look at a PS4 dev kit to get an idea at the difference.

Agent_00_Revan519d ago

Exactly. Panic over nothing.

519d ago