Minecraft with RTX Trailer Shows Block Building in a Whole New Light

Minecraft is getting a major glow up with Nividia's raytracing.

1791d ago
Orionsangel1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Watching the Minecraft team try to impress us with modern graphics in 2019 when they've been using simple graphics since Minecraft started is funny. It's like they've been stuck in the past and just discovered modern graphics.

Minecraft Developer - Now we have high smooth textures and lighting effects. The light reflect off objects and rays come through a window. Ooooh! Have you ever seen such a thing?


Xaevi1791d ago

So I guess we can expect them to work on this for two years and then cancel it too?

King_Noctis1791d ago

This is from Nvidia’s side, not from the Minecraft team. But I didn’t expect you to know that.

Xaevi1791d ago

I see nothing that says it's Nvidia working on it. Nvidia cards may provide the tech but it's up to Mojang to implement it, and their site doesn't say it isn't them, and neither did the digital foundry vid I watched before I posted the comment.


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PapaBop18h ago

Most important thing, 3S is back!


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Einhander19722d ago (Edited 2d ago )

The platform breakdowns really show how irrelevant xbox has come for selling software.

1 Hogwarts Legacy Switch 41%, PS5 26%, PS4 24%, Xbox 5%

2 EA Sports FC 24 Switch 34%, PS5 28%, PS4 26%, Xbox 12%

OtterX2d ago

Yea, you can see why some developers and publishers are increasingly starting to skip XBox all together. Unless you're in a small minority of successful and highly played Gamepass games, you're pretty much taking a payout on your game just to rot and die on the service.

FinalFantasyFanatic1d 21h ago

Not that surprising, the Switch has some killer exclusive titles, so people have to own a Switch to play them.