Are Gaming Conventions Still Relevant in 2019?

Video gaming conventions have been around for a number of decades now, and over the last few years they have been increasing in number. They vary from being specifically for a single game, (i.e. MineCon), to a single publisher’s games (i.e. BlizzCon, QuakeCon), to a variety of entertainment (i.e. ComicCon) to specifically video gaming as a whole (i.e. GamesCom, E3, EGX, PAX). Suffice to say however, times have begun to change. With simply being able to download your games and streamers becoming living advertisements, are they starting to become a dying medium or are they as popular as they have ever been?

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Juusterey231d ago

Is asking this question still relevant?.
Seriously how many times does this have to be posted ?

Kran231d ago

Its almost like various people have different interpretations and opinions...

Christopher231d ago

PAX, gamescon, and PGW all say yes. But these events are about the people there, not about streaming new things to the world.

So, yes, unless you sit at home and expect everything to be tailored towards your desires.

CrimsonWing69231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

It’s a good question, i do enjoy them but I always watch them from home. So, technically they could just do 2 hour directs and it’d be just as fun for me to watch.

I think the benefit of the convention is being able to socialize and demo the games. Other than that they don’t hold relevancy.

Action GO FIGURE231d ago

It's only irrelevant if you don't get the announcements you were expecting. Meanwhile, conventions keep funny rumours going.

PurpHerbison231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Bring back booth babes!

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