Words Are Overrated. Here's 10 Silent Protagonists That Don't Need to Speak

Nelia-Sol White writes: "Silent protagonists are known for being people of very little words. Here are a few that show that protagonists don't always need to talk."

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SterlingSilver432d ago

I think a game that has a silent protagonist that would benefit from them talking is Fire Emblem Three Houses. In some of the cutscenes, it's really off putting when they don't speak and kind of ruins it. I think a discussion should be had whether or not it would be better if Link talked in TLOZ

Deathdeliverer431d ago

I literally came here to type that same thing. How the hell is he talking after/during battle but silent the rest of the game. The most ridiculous decision ever. Then in conversations he comes off as straight up retarded. (no offense to any retarded people in here 😉) Great game but damn that no talking when it matters decision was really terrible.