LittleBigPlanet getting moderated without warning: So much for creative freedom

If you're a big fan of user levels in LittleBigPlanet, the advice of the day seems to be this -- don't get too attached to them. Reports have been coming in of levels being "moderated" without warning. That's a polite way of saying they're getting deleted, and users are not being given the courtesy of an explanation.

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PirateThom4050d ago

Funny, because I just played both Sonic and MGS levels.

Fishy Fingers4050d ago

Yep, I've got loads of hearted levels based on other IPs and they're still here, and these are levels I found in the beta.

vhero4050d ago

some levels like levels with genitals etc need moderating and I agree they bloody well should be my kids play this game there should be minimum moderation as for making a level dedicated to another game there really is no law against that as you are creating stuff yourself from scratch. You are not actually taking anything from the IP and porting over so its allowed e.g. music which is why picture upload is disabled right now...

ChampIDC4050d ago

I don't get it. To me, this is on the same lines as amateurly remixing a game's music.. As long as you're not making a profit off of it, there's really no big deal. I really don't see where the copyright issues come into play in creating levels.

Nobody is making a profit off of these levels yet. As they said, maybe good user levels will be eligible for profit sometime down the line, but they could easily just make the levels with copyright material ineligible for that program.

This is pretty epic fail IMO. It's a shame creative freedom is being hindered by this crap.

TheDude2dot04050d ago

There's an explanation why.

It's the Grief Report. Some random [email protected] just goes around and reports anything vaguely illegal in LBP. They see a great copyright infringed level? They report it for just that. The mods have to do something because someone complained about it, allowing the possibility of a lawsuit by some angry soccer mom who is mad that her children are playing "bad" things.

v1c1ous4050d ago

remove my phallic playground!

Johnny Rotten4050d ago

I just did a search for God of War levels and found like 20 of them.

vickers5004050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

"which is why picture upload is disabled right now... "

Wrong. Picture uploading is disabled because they didn't have enough time to implement it. It's coming in december.

Also, isn't there any moderation when submitting alternate sources? I'm pretty sure that there is a spoiler to gears of war 2 in the second source title. F*cking fanboys, get a life you douchebags. And mods, you need to ban these losers.

Rapture3334050d ago

I know a fair share of people including myself who have had their levels moderated for no reason, no offensive materials of any kind and no mention of any Copyrighted-Material WHATSOEVER. It seems completely ridiculous that we are getting our levels deleted for no reason with no warning even after I checked the EULA I couldn't find anything that I have broken.

4050d ago
plain rice4049d ago

Vickers you're right and wrong. Picture upload was already implemented but it was cut from the final game. Although, the feature will be come soon.

SL1M DADDY4049d ago

If you feel that expressions of creative freedom include people posting up levels of penises and vaginas on the LBP level servers then sorry sir, you are mistaken. Even levels that have copyrighted materials need to be taken down so if you love that penis level so much, download it and play it on your own time before it gets taken down. Keep the pervert crap off my LBP.

SonyOwnsNextYear4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

i really think is the xbox fans that make the profane and sexually explicit levels.

viral campaigning, much like the metacritic crap and the fanboys at gamestops.....its all hate and whining on their behalf.

I remember when lbp came out and they went on a rampage on how a nonviolent game cant be good.....then banjotooie comes out and thats a AAA title. LOL.

seriously when it was nintendo/sega/sony in competition, none of this immature bullsh1t happened. Introduce a whole bunch of "console shooter" fans, and herein lies our problem.

to make it perfectly clear, there are douchebags online everywhere, but never have i seen such a concentrated form of immaturity as that which can be found within the above criteria.

to those in denial, think of this: shooters were the selling point on the 360. guns, guns, guns, guns, guns, kill,kill, kill, kill,kill.

kevnb4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

what are you talking about? Xbox fans are making levels on a ps3? What does this even have to do with the article?

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CyberSentinel4050d ago

....Are going to take the "FUN" out of a game that even I was seriously looking at. Theses are "sack people" not accurate representations of actual characters. No one is profiting from these "creations". Media Molecue needs to lighten up or this will affect sales.

4050d ago
HowarthsNJ4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

I've been a member of several digital art communities over the last 15 years or so and have been through this process many times.

It's funny how the same lame arguments come up every single time (See Open Zone for an example).

Learn and get over it.

Raz4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

Same deal anywhere else. It's called moderation, not censorship. I fully expected it - we were certainly warned about it. It's part of the tutorial when they explain about what's acceptable. At no point was there any indication that you had completely free reign to do as you pleased...there were and are limits. If offenders still remain it's because there's a huge backlog of submissions, and it takes time to deal with them. Use the grief button if you've an issue.

Just keep your fan-levels on your Moon and submit the ones that don't violate international copyright laws. Have fun and quit whining.

Sarick4050d ago

I can understand trademarks but copyrights are for content that are copied from the original. There is no code being copied the levels aren't being replicas. If I design movie about space that has laser swords in it I'm not stealing Star Wars copyrights.

It's simple if the content being produced is 100% user generated not using original content it's not stealing someones work. If I drew an image to look like an PS3 or picture of Ronald McDonald as long as that image was my original artwork, not a modified original from copyrighted content there is no patent on that image.

As for themed content, If the level design isn't a copycat of existing levels then I don't see it as infringing.

I Think MM just decided to avoid legal issues to just delete anything and everything so no disputes could be taken to court. This way instead of a big companies filing lawsuits MM would remove content entirely avoiding the problem. It's not that the content is truly illegal it's just an easy solution avoid any cases being brought up.

HowarthsNJ4049d ago

I can tell you've never had to deal with any of these concepts much.

Copyright is what you have over your own work; for example, a drawing.

If someone takes your drawing and stickers it all over their LBP level without your permission it's a violation of that copyright.

Tony6004050d ago

Its getting really funny!But at the same time sad for Ps3 fanboys!