Battle Passes Are The New Loot Boxes

What started as a unique way of doling out extra content for has quickly metastasized into a predatory microtransaction scheme.

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ravinash24d ago

I got this on PUBG when the snow map came out.
Once i realised how it works, I didn't bother with another "Battle pass/season pass" after that.
If I pay for something, I expect to get it... if I play for something, then fair enough I'll work towards it.
But if I have to pay for something and I still have to spend hours working towards everything i paid for, then no.

Rachel_Alucard24d ago

Time cannot be gained and runs out the same for everyone. There is only so much time people can dedicate to one game before getting burned out on it and dropping it for a while. When these companies keep trying to grab your time away it only pushes people away.

Ninver24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Proud to say I've never purchased any of this microtransactions s*** ever, and I NEVER WILL!!!

I'm doing my part to reverse the cycle.

AK9124d ago

Yup and I'll ignore them just like I did lootboxes.