Rumor: The Conduit to release in May 2009

Way back when, High Voltage Software confirmed that The Conduit would be shipping in March 2009. According to a GameStop listing though, the game will be out in May instead...

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ape0074052d ago

no damnit,wtf

am really looking for this game,it looks fantastic,if this true,then wii will rest in peace for 6 months

and how the hell am going to play it after going through killzone 2 multiple times?

jkhan4052d ago

Well yeah that got me thinking. I remember when I didn't had my 360 for a week (sent for repairs) and i switched to playing God of War 2 and I was like God I can't play this now:( (God of War 2 is my favorite game of all time. I have finished it 11 times.:D)
That is one reason I don't have a Wii. Once you go HD, you can't go back:P

ape0074052d ago

yes same happened to me,I went back playing san andreas on ps2,cause it's one of my favorite games ever but sh!t,the graphics are so outdated

don't get me wrong,I know that games like sa and gow 2 are legendary and better than most games today,the skull is rock hard solid but they need a graphical improvment

If games like gow 2 or san andreas released with full HD glory,it will be better than 90% games released today

gow 2 is an amazing game man,maybe one of the best games ever

Smacktard4052d ago

God, ape, you're such a graphics whore. Why can't gamers nowadays appreciate games for their gameplay? And why do people that think they're "hardcore" gamers only play FPSes?

We got some great titles coming out for the Wii between that time. ToS2, Little King's Story, Deadly Creatures, Demon Blade: Muramasa, and possibly MadWorld.

ape0074052d ago

oh my god

super mario galaxy is actually one the best games I played this gen

we still haven't PLAYED killzone 2 or the conduit yet to know which one will have better gameplay,level design,pacing

gameplay is still unknown????


when I just saw the latest kz2 gameplay,I can truly say it's a big step up in terms of graphics and what's going on on the screen

conduit is the only game that hunger me on wii,you know why?

cause it have a delicious mix

1-awesome wii controls
2-awesome graphics

am afraid the mix will breake up after playing kz2,but still I have to see the gameplay

ape0074052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

"Why can't gamers nowadays appreciate games for their gameplay? "

look at gears 2,it have awesome gameplay and graphics

and matter of FACT that graphics elevate the already amazing gameplay to a new hight,not possible to achieve without nextgen tech even if the same team developed it

example:can you imagine gears 2 on wii?

my god wii's tech will ruin it,dead rising is a shining example of how can bad graphics and tech can ruin the game

yes gameplay is the most important factor,gameplay is the reasone why we play games

but gameplay and graphics will produce better gameplay,let me do an equation for you

amazing graphics+awesome gameplay=more concetrated and better gaming experience than gameplay with so-so graphics

examples:uncharted,cod4,mgs4, R2,gears2,saints row 2,imagine god of war 3,I don't want you to think that am an average gamer,who just look for graphics

look at banjo:N&b,it may have sharper graphics than smg but lol it's NOTHING compared to smg,it's a sh!tty game,the first banjo on n64 was MILES better

Smacktard4052d ago

That's fair, I can see where you're coming from. And I agree some games just can't be done without today's tech. But then there's games like Super Mario 3, Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, Ristar... they just can't be done in 3-D. And of course... when was the last good 3-D Sonic game? Some might argue never. Unleashed might have potential to be good, but it won't hold a candle to the old games. Anyways, I'd like to talk about this more, but my time's being cut short. I think I got my opinion across too, heh.

ChickeyCantor4052d ago

That's the thing Ape,
You should take the Wii as it is and just appreciate the gameplay since we won't see Killzone gfx on it anyway.

Just to be ticked off by gfx is nonsense.
The conduit might be hyped due the GFX but i think its one of the best looking Wii games(minus the art direction), but we all know we will buy it for the controls not gfx.

We should put the Wii,360 and ps3 in the same "spectrum" if we were to call it game consoles, but don't compare GFX, rather compare if the games are fun to play.

Since Metroid I can't go back to analog sticks.

Mr Fancy Pants4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

the problem with graphics is that they make the gameplay better. better animations = smoother gameplay, HD res = easier for the eye, better textures and effect = better atmosphere = easier prove my point right, play DMC4 and DMC3 and you'll gonna understand what i mean.

but there are other games that i can play without epic graphics like Zelda OOT, Mario 64, Crash Bandicoot (ps1) because their gameplay is so basic that even if they had amazing graphics it would be the same thing. other types of games that don't need amazing graphics to enjoy them are the 2D like street fighter II or MegaManX games, besides these, most Jrpg's don't need amazing graphics either.

and again play games like Heavenly Sword, DMC4, Ninja Gaiden and then try to play GOD or DMC3 man it's gonna be a pain in the ***, and don't even try the first DMC where you can't even move the freaking camera for the most part of the game.

but the The Conduit looks solid and with the wii-mote that seems like it was made specifically to play FPS i don't think that's going to be a drag. it look more like fun!

ChickeyCantor4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

" the problem with graphics is that they make the gameplay better"

If the gameplay sucks at the core then gfx won't do sh/t.

" play DMC4 and DMC3 and you'll gonna understand what i mean."

I did, and seriously, i was not impressed nor did it feel any different.
The game played almost exactly the same. DMC4 didn't change anything.

"and then try to play GOD or DMC3 man it's gonna be a pain in the ***, "

To you yes, to me no.( and don't even try making that @ss joke on me xD)

The thing is you should take things as they currently are.
I have a Ps3 and a Wii and planning on getting a 360, but seriously i have no trouble going back because i look at the core of the game: is it fun to play? if the answer is yes i seriously couldn't give a f*ck about gfx.

I know GFX can play a huge roll with games, but this is a FPS game and the only major thing that has been improved over the years are GFX.
It's nice to see change in how you play a FPS.
I don't care for GFX with this one anyway, to me they are nothing but a bonus

Mahr4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

"the problem with graphics is that they make the gameplay better. better animations = smoother gameplay, HD res = easier for the eye, better textures and effect = better atmosphere = easier prove my point right, play DMC4 and DMC3 and you'll gonna understand what i mean."

Are you serious? Of all the games released this generation, you picked Devil May Cry 4? That's probably one of the worst (if not the very worst) examples you could possibly use, as any and all of its graphical improvements over DMC3 are rendered moot because DMC4 suffers from some of the worst game design in recent memory. Glitchy, camera's *still* terrible, nerfed difficulty, and 60% of the game consists of running around with whinging Dante Jr. (er, "Nero") and then the other 40% of running back through those exact same levels with Dante and fighting the same bosses over and over again.

Pretty or not, it's completely awful and I had to plug my PS2 back in and play DMC3 just to get the terrible taste out. If that's what games this generation of consoles are supposed to be like, then we should never have left the last generation.

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jkhan4052d ago

Well this is one game that may persuade me to buy a Wii.:P

ChampIDC4052d ago

Well, it looks good, but I can't justify buying a console for the 4 or 5 games I'd actually get for it. I'd love to get a chance to play the game someday, though.

Cheeseknight284052d ago

For another gritty shooter with aliens?

No thanks. I may already have a Wii, but this one will need damn good scores for me to buy it. Gears of War 2 is good, and I'm sure Resistance 2 is just as good, but I just can't seem to play both. They just seem to be the same game.

ChickeyCantor4052d ago

So cheese,
You don't have an opinion on your own? Only a review score can make you buy something?

And how many "alien" FPS does Wii have?
Wii is lacking in the FPS department

Cheeseknight284052d ago

I don't have a large enough budget to go buy every single good game that comes out. If it doesn't stand out, I'm not buying it.

Why should it matter if the Wii doesn't have enough FPSs? I have all 3 now (Just got a PS3); I don't care what platform the game is on. If it's good, and unique, I'll buy it - regardless of whether it's PS3 360 or Wii.

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Horny4052d ago

this game has Half Life 2 graphics...whats the big deal.

4052d ago
JonahNL4052d ago

Well, Half-Life 2 still looks good, even today.

bobbylii4030d ago

Sorry bud but I was wayy to distracted to read your comment LOL. You might wanna change your avatar if you want these guys to take you seriously.
But great pic tho.....

Shoko4052d ago

What do you not understand about the fact that THE GAME IS NOT DONE! IT'S STILL IN IT'S PRE-F**KIN ALPHA! God people. Stop saying the graphics about a game that's not done. That's just so stupid.

And I say screw the graphics because the gameplay mechanics are something never seen before, and they can't be done on any other system. Not even the PC. I mean, of course the graphics look great and I can't wait to see this game but I think it's safe to say we're buyin this game for the gameplay and online (that has WiiSpeak.) And WiiMotion plus will make this game have to best aiming precision in the history of FPSs.

ChampIDC4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

I'll take aiming with a mouse over a remote any day. Aiming a remote at a TV is nothing like aiming a gun. Also, I don't think WiiMotion Plus is going to do a darn thing for the aiming. The aiming is about pointing at the screen, not waggling the remote.

Shoko4052d ago

What are you talking about? Aiming with a remote is closer than a gun than a mouse is. I'm sorry, but you statement made no sense at all. And nobody even ever said that the WiiMote is the perfect simulator for a gun. We've said it's the most precise aiming around. And while you may prefer a mouse, you still gotta admit that the WiiMote is more precise. And like you said, WiiMotion Plus only helps when you do motions with point exactly. To point at the screen, YOU MOVE THE WII MOTE, which over-all, ENDS UP MOVING THE POINTER.

Horny4051d ago

nobody talks about the gameplay in this, everybody mentions the fantastic graphics and I fail to see whats so great about them. Im no graphics whore but when people are hyping something and I dont see a reason for it I will point it out, thats all. Im sure it plays great, im in no way saying the game is going to suck.

ChickeyCantor4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )


So you say that you will take mouse over the remote because pointing at your tv is nothing close to the real thing?
Damn i wish i was there when cowboys used to fight each other by moving their awesome shotguns and magnums over a mousepad.

Motion plus is not going to change the IR functionality, the IR is precise as it gets.
However for throwing grenades Motion plus = a +

And motion plus takes away the "waggling" because real moving precision is taken into count.

Anyway you sound like a real troll with your opening line, good job.

The reason it is being hyped is simple, People claimed that the Wii can't do anything decent. That the games are ugly and play really bad.
Now there is a game with both decent looking gfx and (what could be) awesome controls and yet people sh/t on it.

The gfx are a plus but everyone is getting it for the Controls anyway.

Shoko is basically "pissed" at the fact that people bash something just by the looks of it.

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ArtisianDragon4052d ago

Ah well slightly good if true being that MH3 is supposed to come out in February? If so that gives me plenty enough time to rack up some money as well as play through Tri~ ^_^

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