Is E3 in Serious Trouble?

As more and more events and expos begin to pop up in the gaming industry, E3's sphere of influence grows shorter, along with its ability to keep big announcements centered on them. Is E3 in serious trouble if companies begin to favour other events?

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Orionsangel221d ago

I don't know, but I'll tell you this much. E3's best days are behind it. The glory days of E3 are finished. Now we have memories and youtube clips to remember E3 when it was in it's prime.

jeremyj2913221d ago

Hard agree. In the age of leaks it's hard to keep many big things under wraps.

Orionsangel220d ago

Exactly, leaks are a big problem these days. So much gets leaked before E3 that's there's no surprising moments during the E3 press events. It was a miracle that Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077 didn't get leaked. When he walked on stage and the crowd cheered. For that moment it felt like old E3 again, but those moments are few and far between.

AK91221d ago

Yes but it won't go away anytime soon it's at least got 3-4 years left.

King_Noctis221d ago

I would love to see this article again when MS and Sony show up at E3 next year with new generation consoles.

E3 isn’t going anywhere, it is the biggest gaming show of the year. And if you are a gamer, there is no reason to wish or want the show to go away either. Personally E3 is one of the most exciting time of the year for me.

Ricegum221d ago

I do love E3, and hate the idea of it going away. But this year's show was appalling. Hopefully next year with the next gen consoles we can see some decent stuff, and Sony will hopefully attend this time.

jeremyj2913220d ago

I hope you're not expecting console reveals at E3.

akshaykhanna22221d ago

Yes but it won't go away anytime soon it's at least got 3-4 years left.