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Watch Final Fantasy VII Remake's Gamescom 2019 Showfloor Demo in Action

Final Fantasy VII Remake is playable at Gamescom 2019 for attendees, and a new video has surfaced showing members of the press playing it from an off-screen perspective.

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Community58d ago
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DarkZane58d ago

They should make this demo available to at least PS Plus users, if not everyone.

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zacfoldor58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

The gameplay looks really good. If they keep up that level of polish in the environments throughout the entire game, this is going to be something to behold. Think of all the places you can visit in FFVII, recreated just like this, lol. Crazy. I see why it would take 3 full games. I wonder if we will get overworld navigation. I bet that will be in the second/third game of the series, because making that work and feel right is a huge task.

kayoss58d ago

Just imagine, as production continues on, the quality gets so bad that at the end we're back at 1997 graphics. LOL. If that does happen, not sure if i will get mad or die laughing on the floor.

Juusterey57d ago

I do kinda hope for at least one scene they go back to it
like in mgs4 kinda thing

william_cade58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

This is cool and all, but are there going to be loot boxes and or MTs? (We are ready know the game is going to be incomplete.)

Chexs199058d ago

How is it going to be incomplete?

Cha0tik58d ago

He's most likely referring to how both Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV are both incomplete games. FFXV DLC which could have fixed that was canceled and KH3 has DLC content on the way. I guess it's possible that at any point this game may not be completed. I honestly have faith in this project since they held off from showing ANYTHING for such a long time and everyone is saying good things about what they've played so far. It's the one title I believe they wouldn't want to fuck up.

kayoss58d ago

Not like you will buy it or even play it.

Rynxie58d ago

Wow, looks very underwhelming.

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kayoss58d ago

I bet your parent said the same about you when you were born. "Wow, looks very underwhelming. Hey honey, you still have the receipt?"

Rynxie58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

No, but since you're so detailed about it, I'm sure you're no stranger to people saying that to you.

kayoss58d ago

Im so use to it, im now no longer sensitive to any insults.

Rynxie58d ago

Yeah, you just cry to yourself in a bathtub with cold water running. You're a big girl, good job.

averagejoe2658d ago

Literally everyone who has had a chance to play it has had nothing but high praise for it.

Sorry you won't be enjoying this awesome game, lil buddy.

Rynxie58d ago

Neither will you, since you'll only be buying part 1 of ??? amount of parts. Better pray that square finishes it.

HeisenbergX57d ago

Hey Rynxie i see you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about first off what you are seeing here is off screen gameplay so ofc it's gonna look underwhelming and second yeah it's sucks we are gonna get it in parts but that's only because Square couldn't fit everything on one disk the game will be massive.

Rynxie57d ago

How the hell, do I not know what I'm talking about, when you just pretty much agreed with my statement?

Eamon58d ago

Such a bad player. The guy speaking to him had to point out twice he had Limit


58d ago
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