Xbox's Aaron Greenberg Teases "a Lot of Surprises" Coming at XO19 in November

A couple of days ago, Microsoft officially unveiled its upcoming XO19 event in London, and it appears that it's going to be a big one, according to Aaron Greenberg.

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mrmikew201860d ago

I’ll believe it when I see it.

Godmars29060d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Should always be the way.

And money shouldn't have to be paid upfront.

darthv7260d ago

You gotta spend $ to make $. They don't put on the show for free. There is the cost of the venue, permits, broadcasting as well as all the labor involved. So yeah... people got to get paid to put on this show. Some they can pay after but others get paid up front.

Kingthrash36060d ago (Edited 60d ago )

They said the same thing last year.
They think newly adding a old game to a rental service will generate hype....or at least they are trying to make it seem as such

cfc8360d ago

admission fees go to charity

Obscure_Observer60d ago (Edited 60d ago )


"They think newly adding a old game to a rental service will generate hype....or at least they are trying to make it seem as such"

Well, we saw a lot of disappointed PC gamers that wouldn´t be able to play Devi... er... an old game on a "rental service"

BTW, we miss you around

Kingthrash36059d ago

Disappointment and hype are 2 different categories.
Especially at a show.....I mean are people hype about potential new old games for ANY rental service? That's not hype....hype would be announcing new AAAips that will push gaming entertainment forward.

I work too much to come around I jump in while on the toilet every now and then

Obscure_Observer59d ago


"I mean are people hype about potential new old games for ANY rental service? That's not hype....hype would be announcing new AAAips that will push gaming entertainment forward."

Well, i think MOST gamers would be more excited/hyped to be allowed to play Devil May Cry 5, Metro Exodus, The Outer Worlds and Gears 5 for a few bucks, instead of pay full price for just a game like Death Stranding.

But that´s just my two cents.

"That's not hype....hype would be announcing new AAAips that will push gaming entertainment forward."

Can´t argue with that. That said, you know full well that there´s not just one, but three new AAA IPs in development by Playground (I could be wrong if it turns out to be Fable), RARE and The Initiative which makes your narrative pointless.

Godmars29059d ago (Edited 59d ago )

You realize I was talking about per-orders, right? That anything MS shows off - likely CG concept trailers - shouldn't be taken as a "console-seller!" let alone good or even something that wont be canceled, as is always the sad case with fan camp and "their" console.

Though if MS is charging for a preview event, that's on them and anyone who pays.

More so if MS pulls any Kinect silver poncho, use the audience in a commercial, level crap.

Wow, paying to play games you've either already played or something new in a crowded venue you'll have limited time on.


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lxeasy60d ago

There will most likely be New games added to GamesPass, Maybe a new studio acquisition or 2 a final trailer for Ori which is all good. But I doubt they will have any jaw dropping news that no one saw coming.

Ratchet7560d ago

Gamepass is the mai' reason I still own an xone. It's a very good deal but I wonder how long they can sustain that business model at that price though.

59d ago
Elda60d ago

Co-sign your thoughts.

shaggy230360d ago

Possibly an announcement about their streaming service.

The Wood60d ago

I heard he said their gamescon showing was great. . . . . . . . Levels

trooper_60d ago Show
AngelicIceDiamond60d ago

@mike Well last year they unveiled a new studio acquisition. Track record is off to a good start so far.

SyntheticForm59d ago

Right - at this point I just want to see announcements for big games or game play if they're far along enough. Just show me some first party material that can actually stand against Sony's first party IPs.

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Obscure_Observer60d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow

"Ummm hmm...heard it before."

And you´ll still be around to check it out. Someway, somehow. Lol!

xX-oldboy-Xx59d ago

*Not on mixer though*

Another ms gig - another set of lofty promises.

AngelicIceDiamond59d ago

And again they acquired a new studio last years event Obsidian and NXile. I remember the event actually being ok. But hey as you can live in your own head or take drugs and pretend MS isn't setting the ground work. Ignore everything just to have more comments like yours, that's what everyone else are doing.

MS opens up studio

N4G: Where the games!?

MS Hires teams to support said studio

N4G: Where are the games!?

Rare is making a new project

N4G: Its the same old talk and nothings happening.

In fact Maybe you should stay off drugs... 0_o

xX-oldboy-Xx59d ago

Fair play to pessimistic bunch around, I'm one of them. ms don't give much confidence in their ability to deliver.

Have you been asleep the last 10yrs?

frostypants59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

You missed the usual next steps: MS cancels the games. MS shutters the studios.

We've been through this. Until they prove otherwise the skepticism is warranted.

59d ago
AngelicIceDiamond59d ago

@oldboy I mean that's a more of you problem I mean MS can do nothing at in its 1st party at all and still rely on 3rd 2nd and a few 1st party games. Catch 22, Rock and a hard place damned if you do, damned if you don't. Essentially complain no matter what happens at this point.

@Frosty Yep that's exactly what's gonna happen. Buy millions and millions of dollars of studios and million dollar projects just to have plans to cancel them. Yep you got all figure out, you're so smart... I mean nobody question Sony when they were cancelling games and shutdown studios last gen.

@Kohox What are we waiting for exactly in 2018 and this year from MS? New Studio acquisitions maybe?

UltraNova59d ago

Yet the age old question still stands...where are the games?

CaptainObvious87859d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Funny how you talk about people taking drugs when you assume, contrary to a decade of MS history, that they will just produce quality AAA games.

Most people here are simply saying wait until MS ACTUALLY delivers what they promise.

But here you are, knelt down, spoon feeding MS's promises like it's gospel, like they have a long and honest history of meeting their promises. News flash, they don't.

Again, it's funny you talk about people taking drugs.

rainslacker59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

People are asking where the games are for this gen. As in now. They dont care that MS is setting themselves up for the future. Setting up for the future would be exciting if people were content with what they had to offer now. Most arent content, which is why people have been asking for years where the games are.

This isnt a matter of people being impatient and giving them time to get going. They should have been at that point all gen. They were there before phil took over. Them trying to keep positive buzz for when they push their next console isnt them giving us games. Them saying theyll have all this stuff at some time in the vaguely defined future isnt giving us games. Them buying a bunch of studios isnt them giving us games.

Here's the thing. MS are the ones who keep saying how great they're doing. They're the ones talking about how great they will be. Outside a few humble moments where phil tries to appear like he is hearing the criticism, its MS and phil who keep bringing up the topic, which is why there is ample opportunity for people to say..."but where are the games?"

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Knushwood Butt59d ago

So during Gamescon, MS say they will make big announcements at the NEXT conference?

CaptainObvious87859d ago

It's very good to see your comment has so many agrees.

Are people finally using 2 of their brain cells and indentifying a pattern with MS?

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ps360s60d ago

to be fair they will have to due to next gen coming, they will always start off with a bang (apart from the Xbox one) but then let's see if they can carry these forward into the future and years to come.

CaptainObvious87859d ago

Very true.

Unfortunately, the fanboys will eat up the ploy for a 4th time in a row...

neutralgamer199260d ago

Aaron Greenberg

king of over promising/hype man

Ausbo59d ago

Well he is head of their marketing. It’s what they do

Donnie8159d ago

Everyone does it. Yoshida was telling everyone to get used to 1080p 60fps at the beginning of this generation and we both know that was a crock. You can twist almost anything to fit a certain agenda if you want. Look at the democrats they have done it for decades