Blair Witch takes "between 5 to 6 hours" to complete

From GameWatcher: "Blair Witch is one of the most exciting upcoming horror games, and we couldn't help but wonder how long a single playthrough would take. According to our interview with Maciej Glomb of Bloober Team, Blair Witch's game length won't be too overbearing."

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Prince-Ali460d ago

😂 Umm isn't this the same sorta thing Xbox guys trolled PlayStation fans over when discussing The Order 1886...?

gamer7804460d ago

The order was an AAA 60$ game. This is a 30$ game and on gamespass making the barrier to entry much lower.

KickSpinFilter460d ago

Price is no reason to give a game a pass on quality. Nor is Gamepass an developer excuse to just call it in.
(Although I fear this is what might happen with this model)
Inside was a $30 game I would gladly pay $60 for. The Order was just a good rental.
If Blair Witch is a garbage game it's not worth $30 nor your time.
Here's to hope that's its excellent. What they have shown has me interested.
Time will tell.

scoot_n_loot460d ago

Who said anything about quality? This is a discussion of duration, and generally games that are less expensive on release are also smaller games. This shouldn't come as a surprise.

Prince-Ali460d ago

So wait... thats an excuse..? And then when people accuse Gamepass for being a shovelware market you guys want to complain..?

SyntheticForm460d ago

Well that crap came out of nowhere...

Prince-Ali460d ago

I mean you say nowhere but i managed to remember and reference it back so not really nowhere for me... but its cool 🤷‍♂️😂

Italiano1234567460d ago

Not just that the whole walking simulator bullshit which this is. Enjoy

spicelicka460d ago

$60 5 hour game vs $30 5 hour game?

I actually liked The Order.

Prince-Ali460d ago

Same i loved the world in The Order.. was it a 6/10 game at the end of it all yeah of course... but the story, plot and characters always left me wanting more so im happy.

sampsonon460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

same thing. don't let them try to tell you otherwise. they said that a game that is 6 hrs should be $10 - $20. now $30 is ok

the order is a 10 hr game if you play at a regular pace. 6 if you rush it.
and the amount of work that went into the order is way more than this game.


460d ago
coolbeans460d ago

-You're presenting disinformation about what "they" said. No one should be convinced otherwise. I don't think you two understand how such a strange hill this is to die on. You're both trying to claim hypocrisy by saying xbox fans are hypocritically acting more easygoing regarding game length & price. Okay...fine. Even if that were the case, being more forgiving of a ten dollar increase is less offensive than a FORTY dollar one. It's not even in the same ballpark here.

-"the order is a 10 hr game if you play at a regular pace."

Absolutely false.

You're looking at ~7 hours for main story (which I'm going to assume means regular pace here). I mean...sure 6 hours would be more of a rush, but that's WAY closer than your estimate. And, to add insult to injury, this time is INCLUDING the hours of unskippable cutscenes and the sad fact it often railroads the player to go at a snail's pace.

-"and the amount of work that went into the order is way more than this game."

1.) This is such a obnoxious line of thinking, and it poisons the conversation. Developers pour an insane amount of hours into their work. Let's just operate on that baseline instead of playing that game.
2.) When did that determine the subjective quality of said product? If we're to arbitrarily determine work was determined by # of workers x # of hours spent, then Michael Bay's films and other blockbusters are among the top compared to lower-budgeted indie films. See how that works?

Kumakai460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

bro. you lost this one. they aren't the same. this is a borderline indie game - a small release for half the price of a AAA game.

Secondly, how do you even know the quality of this game. I even went to E3 this year and couldn't play it.

Third, cool if you like the order and the amount of work that went into it. It was supposed to be a showcase for the PS4 that had the full backing of Sony and the luxury of years of development with that support.... and it still came out as a mediocre game. Part of the quality of a game you speak of is how enjoyable the game is.

Fourth: not sure how any of these ppl are hypocrites. They are just disagreeing with your point of view b/c well... you're just not correct here and the comparison is one hell of a reach.

Prince-Ali460d ago

All i want is the same energy to be held that's all lool.. the excuse that this is an indie game is hilarious to me because its gotten sucha marketing push by MS and Xbox twitter seem to realllyy been hyping this game since it was announced at E3 and now it's being relegated to good enough for the price 😒🤷‍♂️... It's just funny to see is all

froy402459d ago

What? Who said that, short new releases have mostly always been 30$ old games set at 20$ and small indie games around 10$.... pass that shit you smoking.

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KickSpinFilter460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

Hard to tell... this game is not out yet. The Order had awful A.I. with the halfbreeds, pointless collectables, and over all was not very compelling. Inside on the other hand was even shorter than The Order but was an amazing game all the way though. If this is short and bad then it's just like the Order. If it's sort and amazing it's more like Inside.
I would have gladly paid $60 for Inside. Where Order was a good rental.
That being said I would love to see the developer get another punch at The Order 1887

Prince-Ali460d ago

I mean yeah i get that but for a lot of us we just saw The Order as an above average game with good elements... it's just funny how much of a marketing push this games been getting and hyped by xbox dudes on Twitter... and now people are saying 5 hours is fine when this game was being included in debates of what games are left to release before next gen and games like Concrete Genie are laughed off the park and not accepted but this has always been something to be 'hyped' about but now 5 hours is acceptable.. that's my point..

coolbeans460d ago

ICYMI: You're now making game length comparisons with a game that cost TWICE as much at launch. Some mental alarm bells should be going off if you're trying to claim hypocrisy with that example.

Prince-Ali460d ago

I dont understand you peoples logic of game length = quality loool... Unncharted 2 could EASILY be finishes in about 10 hours, something people scoff at today but Unchared 2 shits on DAMN NEAR EVERY campaign you could bring to the table lool... BUT LENGTH DOESN'T MEAN BETTER!! ffs why is that sucha alien concept to you guys! The order was literally by very definition designed to be it's length, just because it had more money to it which is absolutely did the question is about what you deem valuable... this game could come out and be AWFULLLLL a flat out HORRENDOUS experience but it only costed you $30 and took 5 hours to complete.. but does that automatically make that a better deal..

Kumakai460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

This is a 20 something dollar game. the order was a $60 AAA exclusive. And the bigger issue with The Order: 1886 if I'm remembering correctly was that you watched more of it than you played and what you actually played was loaded with QTEs w/o a ton of freedom. I played it myself. i gave it about a 6. Nice try tho.

Prince-Ali460d ago

What do you mean nice try lool What the hell does "a ton of freedom" mean..? Why would there be freedom in a linear single player game..? loaded with QTE's...? So..?

Ok so lemme ask.. if this game were to come out and it was TERRIBLE but cost $30 and takes 5 hours to finish would you still consider it value for your money because you got to pay less for it..? lets say the game was like a 1/10 'Like of Black Tiger' type of bad.. would you still be singing this same song..?

agnosticgamer460d ago

I don't think so... I think it was more of the gameplay... If I remember right... I actually prefer games that take about 5-20 hours to complete. I also like the shorter games when they have good online modes I can play once I finish the campaign.

coolbeans459d ago

-"I dont understand you peoples logic of game length = quality loool... Unncharted 2 could EASILY be finishes in about 10 hours, something people scoff at today but Unchared 2 shits on DAMN NEAR EVERY campaign you could bring to the table lool"

I don't know what to make of this or your entire ramble. It's really not helping your argument. For one, UC2's 10-hour campaign was never scoffed at by anyone serious back then, esp. since it was a slight bump from Drake's Fortune. You're creating 'starwfans' at this point to support your argument rather than going after something substantial. Do better.

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JokerBoy422460d ago

They better not charge $59.99 then!

Darkwatchman460d ago

it's $30 and it's a game pass game.

CYALTR460d ago

I think it is $29.99 but included at launch on Game Pass.

william_cade460d ago

25 usd and that's being generous.

Krew_92459d ago

Even Ion Fury, an old school FPS game built on an engine from the 90s, seems to be longer than this game. Ion Fury is $25 as well. So far I've logged 10 hours on Ion Fury and I'm not even done with it yet.

web1017460d ago

Thats $40 game for us in Canada. Wish they didnt just convert US Dollar to Canadian and then just put it on the label.

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