Erica Review - Push Square

If you need any further proof that video games don’t have to be about the constant act of pressing buttons, then look no further than Erica. The oft-forgotten PlayStation 4 exclusive, which went completely dark after its announcement back at Paris Games Week 2017, re-surfaced earlier this week with a new lead actress and made its way to the PlayStation Store without a moment’s hesitation. It’s a more hands-off experience that proves the FMV genre is still alive and kicking.

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sampsonon60d ago

"cons: Unreliable PS4 controls"
it can play the most demanding games, but can't play an interactive game lol.

theshredded60d ago

I'm glad this is doing pretty good.

Rangerman120860d ago

Same. Was kinda worried at first since it was released without much flare (reminded me of games like Oure) but I'm glad it's doing well. Might consider buying it soon.

After10Ben58d ago

Just picked this up on a whim. I haven't played an FMV game since Night trap, so I'm actually looking forward to it.