The Mini Dreamcast – a miniature version of perfection and the dream line-up

The console of tomorrow…..yesterday.

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Community58d ago
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Liam238259d ago
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ShellB58d ago

Already own one but I would buy the mini version in a heart beat.

Quetza58d ago

Same here. Love Dreamcast and Mini consoles!

58d ago
bouzebbal58d ago

Skies of Arcade

Smh... -_-'

indysurfn58d ago

Your beat me to it bouzebbal! That alone would make me buy it. Daytona and sega rally 2 is sweet also. I know someone that will buy any console for crazy taxi.

BenRC0158d ago

Especially if it was hdmi/1080p

Tarkus122758d ago

So many great memories with this console
Back when gaming was about straight up fun

Kiwi6658d ago

That's how to do a mini console

Fraggle198758d ago

Was a terrible console. Very few good games. Co completely overshadowed by the ps1 and ps2 in terms of quality software.

demonic3658d ago

The most insanely idiotic comment of the year goes to "Fraggle1987" congratulations!!

tucky58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

And you are very gentle saying that.
I prefer to Keep quiet about that guy

fr0sty58d ago

I had far more fun with my PS2, but I couldn't disagree with this comment more. There is so much underappreciated magic available in Dreamcast's library.

bouzebbal58d ago

Best combo in history was ps2 and dreamcast... DC for arcade and fighting unbeatable beast!!!! PS2 for PS1 legacy and JRPGs.

Neonridr58d ago

lol.. thank you for starting my Friday with a laugh Fraggle.

iplay1up258d ago

Your 100% WRONG! The emulator on the ps1 mini is AWFUL!

mcstorm58d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA best comment of the day. PS1 and PS2 were amazing consoles in there own right but the N64 and Dreamcast are two timeless classics for there generation and quality of software on both was up there with the best.

As for the mini DC I may look at this and pass on my own DC.

shloobian58d ago

I've seen some stupid comments on here but this takes the top spot. It had one of the most incredibly creative and diverse lineups of any platform ever. Sega at this time was so far ahead of everyone else when it came to quality and content it wasn't even funny. To this day it is unmatched from an overall quality standpoint. It was filled with hit after hit after hit and most multi plats ran and looked better on the Dreamcast than they did on PS2. It also had a ton of 60 fps games at a time when games were transitioning to a 30fps standard.

georeo58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Watch your mouth buddy! Dreamcast have us good memories. How could you not when gaming was so innocent back then with how the companies made game's. You got what you paid for back then.

cosmicterrapin58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

The PS2 was supported by more companies, was a marginally more powerful but less accessible console. But it's lack of antialiasing and terrible early ports of DC games made it look a mess. Few people remember how much of an F up the PS2 was at the beginning, underwhelming games and jaggy graphics. It found its feet but it came out well after the Dreamcast and hardly humbled the hardware, often came off looking worse. Dreamcast had some lovely titles for its short lifespan. It just felt like it straddled two generations, had Sega released at the same time as PS2 the hardware would have been superior I believe.

yomfweeee58d ago

Sorry Fraggle you upset so many dreamers. This console was a colossal failure and put Sega out of the console business. Worst selling console ever by Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo or Sega.

PS2 sold 15 times as many consoles and the games killed the few amazing games Sreamcast offered.

Fraggle198758d ago

🤣 i know. So many butthurt sega fans. So happy haha.

58d ago
MWH58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

what the fraggle is wrong with you?

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rye7458d ago

oh god another Mini....

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