Gears of War 2 - Best Split-Screen Co-op Campaign Game?

Gears of War 2 raises the bar on co-op campaign. You really have to work as a team in this game. As you progress further in the game, this becomes clearer. From moving in time and with co-ordination to carry the explosives to the security door, to driving together.

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BanjoKazooieFTW3682d ago

My twin brother and I have 2 more chapters left on Hardcore, and this is, by far the best co-op game. Even better than Halo. Oh yeah, and HORDE!!! WOW! I beat that with 4 friends and it was AMAZING. The best use of co-op in a game because of all the team work you have to use to survive.

MiloGarret3682d ago

Yes, best co-op campaign ever, PERIOD. You can really tell EPIC has made an effort to make the co-op awesome. If you've played this game alone and rightfully thought it was awesome just wait untill you play it with a friend, it is superior to any gaming experience I've ever had. Now bye, gonna get owned on multiplayer.

MAR-TYR-DOM3682d ago

"Gears of War 2 raises the bar on co-op campaign." Resistance 2 raised the bar on co - op campaign and if you want the best co-op experience then you play Resistance 2

Girl Gamer3682d ago

That's why it's submitted in the 360 section not the PS3 ;). I don't have one. I did, but, preferred the 360, and didn't like Resistance when I tried it. Would like to try it again, but I don't know anyone with a PS3 either.

Crazywhitie3682d ago

Resistance 2 isn't even a co-op campaign.. All it is, is an Online 8 player Mission Based Game... It's nothing like Gears 2 co-op campaign were you can play the real games campaign with 2... That's what r2 should have done... even the new COD5 does the mission Based campaign..
you play missions at random

Vulcan Raven3682d ago

are the key words in the title. From what i have played, it is by far. I have played resistance 2 coop and it is not what i had hoped for. The single player campaign on resistance 2 is awesome though.

chaosatom3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

simply because it was not meant to be for 2 players.

Gears was meant to be 2 player. Where as resistance means to be 8 player.

Which is more fun is all relative.

ThanatosDMC3681d ago

I'm not sure if Resistance 2's main story would work with another player and add just another random person other than Nathan Hale. I think, Insomniac is trying to glorify Hale's "resistance" and his heroics to make a Master Chief out of him. It would be damaging to Hale's image to add some random other person with him.

Sure, you can say what about Capelli, Hawthorn (sp?), the guy with the glasses, or the doctor, or Blake? But didnt those guys get ownt by Dimitry or whatever his name was... forgot.

Pure Chimeran DNA runs in his veins... no other soldier like him except that other one... which i wont say who.

So yeah, they're trying to make Nathan Hale have Master Chief status/popularity. They might pull it off if more and more people under the age of 21 played it since that would make it spread like wildfire online.

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TheMART3682d ago

Yes it is. Because its the main story mode the same as the SP experience. Not some sad semi co-op thing like Resistance 2. That's like Rainbow Six: Vegas that also had seperate missions not the story. That's lame.

Gears 3 will probably have 4 player co-op story mode (like COD5 has this year) to extend on Gears 2. It will be great, but for the moment Gears 2 co-op takes home the main price this year!

silverchode3682d ago

lol, i doubt you have played r2's coop to compare it with gears2.

Mr Fancy Pants3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

do you know that game called left 4 dead that is coming for the x360 that everybody have been talking so much about @Mart? well imagine that but instead of zombies you're fighting chimeras that reacts to your actions and attack in large groups. the amount of action that the co-op produce is insane!

the best part? you need to play as a team because there are three classes and you need all of them to survive. the special ops have the ammo and the long range weapons, the soldiers have the heavy weapons and shields for cover and the medics as the name implies, are the ones that keeps you healthy but they have a couple of weapons to fight too and man you don't know how much fun it is because everybody is important to the team. and things don't ends there, while you go playing you'll get XP that you can use to get better weapons, better cloth and different kinds of berserks (special abilities that each class can use on special conditions).

believe it or not the co-op tell part of the story of Resistance but from the point of view of the soldiers but with written text not cinematics, that's the only bad part but that way it makes it easier to play many round with different people without getting lost.

now lets not forget that there's a competitive mode for death-match team death-match, capturing the flag and a couple of other modes....

this is only the online side i'm not even talking about the epic campaign. R2 is really an underrated game as every PS3 game this gen. Uncharted and Ratchet & Clank TOD comes to my mind... ;-0

these are games that were rated with a lot of 8's and 7's but they are more. ;-)

edit: BTW lets not forget that every FPS these days has a co-op in their main stories, what insomniac done on R2 is entirely new and fresh. Don't you get tired of expecting and having the same in every game? Most FPS are a co-op for the campaign and some crappy online with death-match and the same mode we have seen over and over again. Like capture the flag and blah blah blah...

ELite_Ghost3682d ago

sony should adversite 100000% more instead of 1000%...

Spike473682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

gave up on a PS3 after you tried R2 for what? a week maximum?

He said that based on the title, more like it is posted in all sections.
I haven't tried either so I wouldn't know, but I will try Gears of War 2 in HORDE on wednesday and then R2 on friday.

funkysolo3682d ago

I heard the story was supposed to be better than the first, it's the same...Let's face it gears is a game about shooting,chainsaw and just a ton of fun to play, but it's not about story so I wish people would stop saying that gears story is so incredible blah blah..I think I read like 10 articles about the story and after playing it, no story just alot of fun blasting and blowing sh1t up..

RebornSpy3682d ago

First, your grammar is unforgivably terrible. Is it really that hard to proofread your post?

And prior to playing the game I heard more people say that the story was more of the same as opposed to saying it's better. After playing it, I definitely think that the story is much better than the original. It's kind of obvious. The first one was just a string of objectives hung together by somewhat repetitive shooting and ducking. Gears 2 mixes up the gameplay immensely and has a great storyline.

Personally, I liked the first Gears's storyline, and this one is amazing. I kind of agree that the ending could be better, but the voice clip after the credits(similar to that of a couple MGS games) sets up the story for the third game and leaves me satisfied.

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