Now Game Developers Have To Ask Fans Not To Harass Them Over The Epic Store

It is absurd. And what’s even more ridiculous is the fact that this is just the latest version of what’s always been understood about gaming communities: They inevitably are marred by a loud, toxic group of people who ruin things for everyone else. Developers regularly lament the attacks from fans, credibly citing it as the reason they don’t interact with them online. They’ve done this for years. It is, by virtue of its persistence, a reality of the video game world. It is allowed and permitted by platform makers and publishers, rewarded by algorithms and metrics of attention, a rule by Reddit upvote.

One can’t help but wonder about all the potential games and game developers this climate has ultimately prematurely snuffed out of existence, because an incredibly loud minority has demanded that an industry bow in service to their own petulance, instead of the intelligence and heart of a world that loves games.

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Snookies1232d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I hate Kotaku... I really, really do...

RainOfTerror30d ago

While the loud minority is surely annoying, this is a problem of their own making and devs shouldn't really be surprised.

With the increase of social media, streamers, tubers and the sort, devs were all over being more accessible to the fans, but now that's coming back to bite them in the ass LOL

Atom66630d ago

Fans also have to learn to seperate developer decisions from publisher decisions. More often than not, devs have little to do with any of the "exclusivity" agreements made by their publishers, but they get brought into the argument because of their willingness to engage.

UletheVee3130d ago

Kotaku in N4G?

Never thought I'd see the day.

Rachel_Alucard30d ago

I hate when you blanket the people who send death threats with the people who are upset.

kohox30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Epic caused all the problems by being total jerks to the people they needed to support them.

I feel like all the epic sympathy articles misunderstand the same thing, people don't hate epic or the competition people hate that they came in and caused companies to break promises to consumers and then basically taunted and laughed in peoples faces who were rightfully angry with what they were doing.

Epic caused this problem, no one else is to blame.

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