It's About Time Microsoft Merged Gears and Halo

SwitchedOn Gamer writes: Well, that took a long time. Xbox Game Studios should have merged Gears of War and Halo years ago.

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FallenAngel198458d ago

Right after Nintendo merges Super Mario & The Legend of Zelda

lxeasy57d ago

Or Uncharted and God of War

thatguyhayat57d ago

Or little big planet with last of us

Xaevi57d ago

Well Gumbas and Chain Chomps have been in Zelda

ZwVw57d ago

I'd rather prefer a Halo & Metroid crossover.

Xaevi57d ago

I've always liked the idea of a shared universe between games. The world of Gears could be further away than where Chief is and ever will be. They don't have to interact they could just coexist.

Sciurus_vulgaris57d ago

It would make sense for humans not to be native to Sera. A shared universe could be possible, despite the two series having independent origins.

Eonjay57d ago

Why stop there. Lets merge both with Forza as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.