Gears 5 Dev Explains Why the Super-Accessible Robot JACK Was Made Playable

Yesterday's reveal of Gears 5's Horde Mode came with an interesting surprise, the inclusion if JACK as a playable character.

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lxeasy30d ago

I'm hype to play Jack. He will def add a new experience to the game. Plus Jack has been around for so long as a side kick.

DaDrunkenJester29d ago

Seems like a great support character for those that can't fully handle the chaos on the ground.

Kavorklestein29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I'm sorry, but the more info and footage I see of Gears 5, the more I feel like it is about to get everything I want or desire from a gears game done in one huge package with TONS of replayability and content and variety and game types. And it looks beautiful as well.

Hate it or love it if you want, disagree if you want, but this game being on PC and Xbox is likely going to mean the lobbies will be full of many game types and modes. Too bad MS's missteps this gen have made it so it couldn't be a strong "console exclusive, system seller" as past gears games may have been, but I really am excited to be getting all that this game has to offer for the price of a membership I already plan on keeping indefinitely (as long as it's sheer value remains THIS damn high).

I am a happy gamer with or without the things other people are playing or enjoying.
I admire gaming's ability to make life FAR less boring than it would be without games.


Atom66629d ago

No need to apologize. For all of MS's screw ups and disappointments, hopping online and playing Gears with good friends is something I can't imagine giving up on. I still have some guys and girls on my friends list from Gears 1. It feels like a reunion with each new entry, and I'm thoroughly excited for 5 and the good times that will come.

With Steam and Game Pass, lobbies will be full, that's for sure.

I was impressed with what Coalition did in such a short window with Gears 4, and hope 5 is an opportunity for them to really dig into the franchise.

Kavorklestein29d ago

Indeed! Very excited for Gears 5 after Gamescom.

DaDrunkenJester29d ago

Gears 5 looks phenomenal and still up there with the best franchises. The amount of content that Gears provides is second to none and it's about to get even bigger with 5. And then on top of all that content you also have full co-op and splitscreen support... not many games even bother with that anymore.

Whether you like MS or not I do like that they focus on having games that support multiplayer and co-op as well as having solid SP games and modes

AK9129d ago

This actually does seem interesting but its a Gears game so I'm not getting it.