PS5’s SSD Is A Nice Tool, But Abundant Graphics Memory Is More Useful during development

Developers in the industry have been excited to get their hands on next generation consoles, understandably enough, and the potential of the more powerful processors being used by the PS5 and the Xbox Scarlett, and more importantly, their inclusion of SSDs, are things that a lot of studios are doubtless very keenly looking forward to working with.


Title changed by mod.

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Eonjay61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

“Having fast disk access will be a nice tool to have during development, but at this time we really don’t depend on the disk all that much since we can keep so much in graphics memory,” the developer told GamingBolt in an interview. “But I’m sure the added performance of load times will be appreciated by end users.”

Your completely misquoted a dev from your own interview in your title and story.

Neonridr61d ago

how? he's saying that while SSD speeds are nice they don't rely on those disk speeds as much because they utilize graphics memory more. Which is exactly what that title says.

Outside_ofthe_Box61d ago

Title comes off as saying that the devs would rather have more graphics memory than SSD.
While the quote comes off as saying that while SSDs are cool too have, they don't change much on our end since we keep so much in graphics memory anyway, but the end users will appreciate the quicker load times that come with them.

Neonridr60d ago

@Outside_ofthe_Box - fair enough.. obvoiusly it's up for a little interpretation.

59d ago
rainslacker59d ago

And its thinking of game development in the traditional sense, instead of seeing the ssd as a viable high speed virtual memory to allow for things that havent been done before. Abundant memory can always be used, but the biggest reasons more memory is required is because transfer speeds arent sufficient to swap memory to make it useful for more elaborate graphics memory pools

Neonridr59d ago

@rainslacker - true, but GPU's nowadays have an abundant amount of video ram which is why devs use them. My 1080ti has 11GB of GDDR5 RAM (newer cards use GDDR6). Tons can be stored in there, so having an SSD to load files seems sort of redundant. Obviously with next gen we may see devs really start to tap into SSD speeds but we will have to see if these SSD transfer speeds can trump the speeds from accessing the GPU which is usually part of a SoC design allowing for extremely fast speeds.

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dumahim59d ago

Because GamingBolt. Just stop giving them clicks.

Muzikguy59d ago

It's gamingbolt that's how. Gaming journalistic garbage.

NecrumOddBoy59d ago

Devs speak about nextgen but Gamingbolt misquoted it to cast this as negative directed at Sony. Typical Gamingbolt trash.

DaDrunkenJester59d ago

It's not a negative towards just Sony. MS had made SSD their main feature during their reveal as well.

sagapo59d ago

Are you sure? How do you make dry ice then?

KwietStorm59d ago

Look how smart I am everyone

CorndogBurglar59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

All ice is dry assuming it hasn't started melting and isn't put in any liquid.

OneEyedSteve59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Change the o & t to u & l and put sh*t on the end and its a perfect name for you.

OB1Biker59d ago

Gamngbolt is a nice tool, but...

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The story is too old to be commented.