Digital Chumps: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Review

Digital Chumps: "While I wasn't enthralled with the gameplay, I was thoroughly impressed with the silky, detailed animations. It's no wonder that there was a Playstation Blog article where one of the game developers talked about the process and work that went into making Ultimate Storm's graphics; they're simply gorgeous. I liked the variety of colors, the smooth framerate, and the stylish, fluid animations. I have only seen a couple of Naruto episodes, but the team at CyberConnect2 seems to have really nailed the look and feel of Naruto, so kudos to them for making it as authentic as possible as far as visuals go. The sounds don't really disappoint either, although the music in Hidden Leaf Village gets repetitive. As far as voices and effects, I think they're spot on and do a fine job."

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