Sony Has Begun Publishing Games On PC, Starting With ReadySet Heroes

Sony has begun publishing games on PC, starting with the co-op, dungeon crawler ReadySet Heroes from Robot Entertainment.

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Eonjay58d ago

Well then its possible that Sony may publish Death Stranding on PC too... in about 25 years.

T1125P58d ago

I mean they should they can take advantage of the PC and ray tracing now. Plus the PC can truly do the game justice.

57d ago
timotim58d ago

Its more than possible...and if they did, it would be a lot sooner than 25 years from now.

bishup2558d ago

They can do both console exclusives and publish pc versions of older games.
that's what they're doing now actually.

Genkins58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

The Uncharted collection for PC would be interesting.
to be able to play UC, TR, Halo, and Gears on the same platform would be fun.

quent58d ago

So the game will only be dead 20 years by then, as I don't see it living on otherwise, console's is where games goes to die, especially now shitty engineers consoles have been built since the 7th gen,seeing how the game the disk comes on outlasts the solder holdings the cheap made internals together

VTKC57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

I read somewhere that Death Stranding isnt just on the PS4 anymore. Could be nonsense, just saying

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Spurg58d ago

Glad I invest in the new Nvidia cards. PC gaming will be my go to platform next gen.

AngelicIceDiamond58d ago

Sounds like a world take over to play all of 3rd party and most 1st party from Sony and MS games on PC now. Looks like the PC Elitest are officially taking over again.

xVOLTx58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I'd take PC over the crap show of consoles any day of the week. Besides, they are becoming wanna be PCs anyways.

Larrysweet57d ago

Lmao few shitty sony multiplayer games is not like microsft open attenpt keep dreaming

NarutoFox58d ago

PC/PS4/ and even Nintendo is the way to go next generation

NarutoFox58d ago

Yup PS5


You won't be able to play PS5 *single player exclusives* on PC

Imortus_san57d ago

Nintendo is emulated on PC, PS Now is on PC and all Sony exclusives will eventually be on the service, so you can keep beeing PC only.

NarutoFox57d ago

There's no proof that *all* there exclusives will be on PSnow

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InflectionPoint58d ago

LOL Literally people downvoting you b/c all of the hate PC gets from these "junior" gamers. People hate what they dont understand.

scoot_n_loot58d ago

Got myself an RX580 a couple months ago and I've been playing a lot more PC than console. Though I think what I play will depend on the games I'm playing at any given time. Fully expect to be consumed by Halo Infinite when Scarlett releases.

sushimama58d ago

Well you're going to miss out on all the top level amazing Playstion exclusives, because they're not going to PC. Keep dreaming though

Xavi4K57d ago

They will through the cloud...Sony literally said that in their presentation...annnnd I quote “A massively enhanced PlayStation community where enriched and shared PlayStation experiences can be seamlessly enjoyed independent of time and place – with or without a console.”

Sounds like you are the one living a dream

sushimama57d ago

Call me when you can play Spiderman, Last Of Us 2 or God of War without a console. I'll be waiting. You may have to talk with my future Grand Kids because I'll probably be dead by then

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isarai58d ago

Werent they already publishing games under SOE (Sony Online Entertainment)?

Kribwalker58d ago

they haven’t owned them in years.

isarai58d ago

Yeah i know, doesn't mean the decade or so before then never existed as this article writer seems to think. Point is publishing in PC isnt a new thing for Sony. Just a return after a hiatus

Eonjay58d ago

What about the recent Quantic Dream games. Weren't they published by Sony?

XiNatsuDragnel58d ago

First Multiplayer game that multiplat

Kribwalker58d ago

Shouts in a Shang Tsung Voice

“It Has Begun”

I’m wondering what games will be coming next to the PC from Sony. Maybe we’ll see a multiplayer game like MLB the Show on other platforms soon too. I’d be interested seeing as Sony is the only one making a real full fledged MLB game right now, and with the GAAS design of a game like that with the ultimate team type trading cards, Sony could make a pretty penny putting that series elsewhere as well

SolidGamerX58d ago

I bet someone will take this completely out of context and think their big games will be comi........................ oh yep there it is.

Kribwalker58d ago

some already have
QD games
PSnow PS4 exclusives

it’s only a matter of time now before more and more do

ImGumbyDammit58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Actually,The Show is very good example of what I think Layden wouldn't mind coming directly to the PC and other devices. It has very small audience on PS and could use that "wider audience" Layden was referring to. It is not exactly a system seller and would have no real competition on the PC, making it a ripe market to take advantage of sales.

Big titles will come to Windows but those games like the next GOW, Horizon Zero Dawn 2, etc.. will be released via PSNow. It would make no sense for Sony not to support growing their service with those games when they arrived. Sony has just as much interest in getting people using PSNow as their go to service, as Microsoft is doing the same with Game Pass. Sony just hasn't done what is necessary this gen but, Yoshida has already noted that will change and they will make much bigger and more aggressive pushes into streaming. People aren't going to come to PSNow if there are no exclusives that make it stand out. Otherwise why would they chose PSNow over GamePass/Xcloud. GamePass (with streaming) a service where Microsoft has been and is more than willing to have more recent content plus exclusives and has shown no signs of changing that.

SolidGamerX58d ago (Edited 58d ago )


The Show is doing just fine in terms of sales actually. I dont think that audience is quite as small as you think it is.

ImGumbyDammit58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Oh my god it was number 4 on a single month. The very month it is was released. Shocker! Show me the , June, July months, Show me the actual sale numbers. Show me the MAU.

Meanwhile NBA 2K19 on that same list (a multiplat at number 7) was released 7 months earlier. I just checked June. NBAK19 has hardly moved (at 8). The Show has dropped down to 14. A month later the The Show is at 17. NBA 2K19 with the 2020 edition coming out in the beginning of September and the 2019 version being out almost year.(11 months) is still in the top 20 Again Sony is looking at that long term value of being on multi-plat for such a games where a wider audience will keep the game going. I am sure they see games like NBA 2K19 which also require an continuous audience keep the numbers and MAU up for the whole year not just 6 months. If history of The Show repeats its previous sales it will drop off the list in August like it did 2018 and 2017 after only 5 months and with that those MAUs will follow.

Elda58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

That's what they already think. Folks using common sense knows Sony are talking about small titles along with some AAA exclusive titles developed by 2nd & 3rd party developers such as SFV & the developer Quantic Dream games that are only on Playstation & PC along with old titles on PS Now. Their first party big AAA titles developed by the studios they own will mostly stay exclusive to their consoles.

Obscure_Observer58d ago


Blame it on Shawn Layden. GT Sport fits the type of games that he wants on PC.

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58d ago
SolidGamerX58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

So much hoping and praying for our games from the xbox crowd.

sushimama58d ago

Keep dreaming my man. Keep the faith. xD

Obscure_Observer58d ago (Edited 58d ago )


Gran Turismo Sport is next

Kribwalker58d ago

theirs a big Gt Sport announcement planned for the next week or two isn’t there?

58d ago
IRetrouk57d ago

The anouncment is for a new partnership, I hope it does come to pc though, imagine the amount of sales it will add to the already impressive 8 mill, the amount of new players will make the competition even better.

trooper_57d ago Show
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