Gears 5 Will Be Game of the Year 2019

Gears 5 Will Be Game of the Year - Gears 5 is Microsoft's big first-party title this year, and it doesn't look like it will disappoint.

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TGGJustin560d ago

Lol I doubt it. This franchise hasn't really been in that discussion since the first entry and I'm not seeing a lot that will make this one any different.

Spurg560d ago

You must have miss out on gears 2's which had one of the most copied ideas last gen...horde mode.

2pacalypsenow560d ago

Gears hasn't been relevant for almost a decade.

Spurg560d ago

'Gears hasn't been relevant for almost a decade.'
Yet it has a horde of fans for Campaign, Horde and Multiplayer. Ms always made sure there are tournaments for those fans. MS always shows appreciation to their fans in trailers. Does Sony host tournaments for Sony FP games like Uncharted and Killzone?

560d ago
zodiac909560d ago Show
Godmars290560d ago (Edited 560d ago )

That was three "Gears" ago dude...

"Yet it has a horde of fans for Campaign, Horde and Multiplayer."
So, its going to sell as well as the last game, but not any better. Likely if not certainly not going to sell enough, pick up a massive amount of new fans, to be considered game of the year.

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TGGJustin560d ago

That isn't what I was talking about. Gears 2 really didn't win any GOTY awards and neither did Gears 3. This article is about GOTY and that is what my comment was in reference too. Not about what other games might've copied something they did.

NiteX560d ago

Ummmm horde mode was nothing new. That just copied Invasion from Unreal Tournament. And I'm sure Invasion copied waves from some other game.

badz149560d ago

since when was Gears GoTY material? not a single one in the franchise won it EVER and now suddenly with the change to a female lead no one knew or cared about before Gears4, it's GoTY material already?? LOL

rob-GP560d ago

The name may have come from Gears 2 but the mechanics had been around for a while...

neomahi559d ago

Most copied ideas, Horde Mode? Did you play Call of Duty or Uncharted 2?

gravedigger559d ago

Gears hasn't been relevant in discussion since Judgement

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NotanotherReboot560d ago

There would be no Uncharted or Last of Us without Gears. We should show our appreciation to this franchise more often.

Srhalo560d ago

The Last of Us has nothing to do with Gears and if Uncharted came from another series it was Tomb Raider.

Imalwaysright560d ago


It's a well known fact that Uncharted took inspiration from Gears while Gears was itself inspired by RE4 and Killswitch.

oasdada560d ago

And there would be no gears without kill switch and rogue troopers.. So whats ur point?

YodaCracker560d ago

"One of the cool things about Uncharted 1 is, we had no f***ing idea what we were doing," former Naugty Dog developer Lucas Pope said in a new interview with Ars Technica. "Uncharted 1 was announced, and then Gears came out. And Gears invented the modern third-person shooter. Suddenly, Gears came out and showed them how to do it. So we changed everything, six months before release."

2pacalypsenow560d ago

There wouldn’t be a veras without Killswitch.

See I can do it to.

NarutoFox560d ago (Edited 560d ago )

Not in STORY maybe a few gameplay elements like cover. But Uncharted, and Last Of Us is way more superior than Gears overall imho.

Fist4achin560d ago

Wow! Well, they are a little different. Just a little, yeah...

TGGJustin560d ago

Uh what? So you're telling me Uncharted just got thought up and released less than a year after the first Gears? That isn't how development works bud.

NiteX560d ago

Actually Uncharted very much would still be a thing. It just wouldn't have been a cover shooter.

Segata560d ago

You know the 3D cover shooter goes back to N64 right? Gears did not invent it.

Segata560d ago


Killswitch got it from Winback on N64.

Ceaser9857361560d ago (Edited 560d ago )

The new Tomb Raider games are all UC inspired.. Uncharted drew inspiration from Indiana Jones and Old TR games .. Game mechanism was inspired from Gears.. Like the cover shooting etc.

bluefox755560d ago

Lol, you don't really believe that do you?

UltraNova560d ago

Oh snap coolaid overflow! Defcon 5!

badz149560d ago

LOL Gears was released in 2006 while uncharted was released a year later. so you're saying ND saw Gears and make it into Uncharted and release it all in just a year? WTF are you smoking?

TheRacingX560d ago

There would be no Gears without Unreal or a little game called Kill.Switch, the whole cover mechanic was pulled from that game.... Im no SONY fanboy but give credit where credit is due. Uncharted borrowed from Tomb Raider and Kill.Switch too....imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Profchaos560d ago (Edited 560d ago )

The cover mechanics were revolutionary other games had cover systems from the PS2 era which sort of worked but felt horrible. It's a good point the cover mechanics that gears introduced have become so ingrained in gaming I couldn't imagine life without them

Either way I just picked up 3 months of gamepass time to smash out a campaign

xXxSeTTriPxXx560d ago

So nobody remembers killswitch a ps exclusive.

Don't know how you got so many up votes.
A site full of youngsters

Kribwalker560d ago


There’s no killswitch without Winback on the N64. I use to play Winback 64 all the time man. Game was tight

Ratchet75560d ago (Edited 560d ago )

Actually KILLSWITCH is the game that inspired Richard Le Marchand(uncharted 1 game designer)
Get your facts straight next time.

leejohnson222560d ago

Are you being sarcastic? I can't tell.
Tomb raider from PS1 is why we have uncharted you clown

opc559d ago

I think you meant killswitch and not gears.

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NarutoFox560d ago (Edited 560d ago )

Lol 🤪😂😂

Eonjay560d ago

The funny thing is the amount of support Xbox gets without having to do the work of actually releasing a game like everyone else. Are we deciding based on trailers now?

Atom666560d ago

I'm seeing plenty to think it has a good chance of being nominated. From last year's reveal to the stuff from yesterday, it all looks very solid. Remember, Gears 2 and 3 were in the discussion for many of the awards for graphics, story (yes the dude-bro shooter had a good story), and MP. I think it's a safe bet that 5 will likely grab some awards. Going up against GTAIV, MGS4, and then Skyrim was tough for 2 and 3 (great for gamers though).

As for GOTY? Maybe... It's safe to assume that we know who is getting the VGA award, but for the remaining outlets, the best chance it has is a lack of competition this year. I could see the nominees coming down to Sekiro, DMC, RE2, Gears, COD, and Death Stranding. If we're being honest, any or all of those last 3 games have a chance to under deliver.

We'll have to see how and if these fall heavy-hitters come together. It's shaping up to be another 2014 in my mind, butI think it's clearly Death Stranding's to lose.

Regardless, I suspect award time this year will be a fanboy-fueled nightmare.

Wh1teLightning560d ago

Thank you the first intelligent response.

Eonjay560d ago

No one has ever said that a game will be GOTY before even playing it. I think we are already living in a fanboy-fueled nightmare right now.

Christopher560d ago

@Eonjay: a lot of people have been saying that about Death Standing this week.

Agree with living in fanboy land of some sort.

oasdada560d ago

Looks fine i guess.. And what's ironic is it seems to have a lot of interactive qte type moments like uncharted which until now were disliked by MS fans and were said to be more like movies than game.. Now will be praised like hell..

Rude-ro560d ago

Articles like this..
Pvp/co-op is average at best per a lest gen feel..
And where is the campaign?

Pre-orders, check
Deluxe editions, check
Special edition merchandise, check.

No sign of the campaign.. cool
Got written all over it.

DaDrunkenJester560d ago

Apparently you missed the gamescom trailers

Rude-ro560d ago


The trailer with maybe 15 seconds of gameplay? Maybe.
I saw it.

rainslacker560d ago

well now. I guess we can not take vgclturehq as reputable when they do their awards this year. Saying it's a contender is one thing, claiming victory before most of the contenders have even released for the year is quite another.

560d ago
Profchaos560d ago

That's a lot of downvotes equally lots of upvotes but I'm impressed at the numbers of people reading comments on this article

mark3214uk560d ago

guess ms opened there cheque book again

Flewid638560d ago

You spelled second entry wrong.

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SCW1982560d ago ShowReplies(3)
sander9702560d ago

CoD will beat this game by miles IMO.

560d ago
KickSpinFilter560d ago

I'm Primed and ready for some 2vs2 this weekend for sure in MW BRING IT. Have not been excited for a COD game this much since well...MW3

Spurg560d ago

Gear 5
-Campaign, Solo or 3 player co op.
-Horde 4.0 with 5 player co op
-Escape with 5 player Co op and map editor
-Multiplayer with an array of gamemodes
-Multiplayer Arcade mode.
Give me a game that has this much content this gen.

-Foxtrot560d ago

The Witcher 3 along with it's expansions and free updates


Neonridr560d ago

that game already won GOTY though.. :P

-Foxtrot560d ago

He didn’t say what was GOTY

He said give me one game which offers that much content

TK-66560d ago

The title of the article alone should make it clear that we're talking about 2019 games. Unless Gears 5 can somehow become GOTY for 2020 or 2017 somehow...

-Foxtrot560d ago

Okay since no one seems to get it

The comment I was replying to

“Give me a game that has this much content this gen”

Not talking about what was a GOTY game

Not talking about a recent game from this year

Talking about a game that offers that much content

Talking about “a game THIS gem” with no limit on what year it’s from except it being from this gen

Atom666560d ago

Loved Witcher 3, but your comment would make more sense if you named a game that had a strong MP component to go with the campaign.

The point is that Gears will have a SP campaign, coop, PVE, and PVP. Unfortunately, that is kind of rare this gen.

The "next" thing is pretty cringe, too.

TK-66560d ago


"Okay since no one seems to get it"

Everyone knows what you were replying too. You just seem to have ignored that it's a comment in a thread about Gears 5 being GOTY FOR 2019.

RememberThe357560d ago (Edited 560d ago )

He's responding to a comment on an article not on the article itself. It's not complicated. That's the beauty of replys we can have more focused or broad conversations outside of the frame of an article. The comment itself was more asking about "this gen" not "this year."

Neonridr559d ago

@Foxtrot - no, I totally got what you were saying. But the mere fact is the game you used that had "this much content" was also a game that went on to win GOTY. So you saying that the Witcher offers as much content strengthens the idea that Gears 5 could be a GOTY contender.

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StonieWylder560d ago

Literally choose any major title this gen and it already has as much content or more lol

560d ago
NeoGamer232560d ago

How about we actually play the game, see if it is living up to its hype and then decide if it is game of the year?

I really hate it when a game is a game of the year call before it is even released.

Eonjay560d ago

No its Xbox so we have to manufacture a win for them to be 'fair' to Microsoft's ego.

Inzo560d ago

You know there is a saying "Quality over quantity"

NeoGamer232560d ago (Edited 560d ago )

To be fair, I have never viewed any part of Gears as quantity over quality.

The graphics in past Gears are solid to leading edge, the multiplayer in Gears has always been strong, the campaign gameplay has always been strong and they like to mix it up. The only question whether this game will be better then others is around the story. Can they build a story that is both emotional and intensive enough to make this game stand out from the rest of this year's game pile.

The trailer hints that they might be doing that. But, it is still well up in the air.

Lore560d ago

Borderlands 3 will have way more solid content. Sorry man

NeoGamer232559d ago (Edited 559d ago )

How about we actually play Borderlands 3, see if it is living up to its hype and then decide if it is a contender?