Dangerous LittleBigPlanet glitch found reports that someone discovered a dangerous LittleBigPlanet glitch that will screw the whole game. When you make a so called 'Wheel of Doom' you will constantly die, even when you go to your POD, and also when you reboot your PlayStation 3. Hopefully Media Molecule will bring a patch out soon. Click on read more to see this glitch in action.

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Legion4044d ago

Am I reading it correctly? Even after rebooting your PS3 the game continues with the gimped play????!!!

beethy4044d ago

LBP autosaves constantly so there's no reverting this.

vhero4044d ago

video on link is broke?

SonyOwnsNextYear4044d ago

lol, i was just about to play this.

reading this, im still gonna play it.

ill have fun with lbp ....MM will fix it

HowarthsNJ4044d ago

Have them do it again without saving.

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leyego4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

MM has known about this since the first week this game came out. i sent them an email about it a long time ago

i was experminting with the wheel u get in the 2nd or 3rd level and maxed out the speed...
happend to me and i had to delete about 8 hours of work and had to start over. its a pretty screwed up glitch if u ask me.

if u want proof here it is

"Bug Report‏
From: ******* ******* ([email protected])
Sent: October 27, 2008 2:02:52 AM
To: [email protected]

not sure where to send this, but i found a not so major, major bug that screws up your saved file.

I was in the create mode earlier today and I was messing around with the faris type wheel, I put sponges onto the ends and maxed out the speed which was around 60. When I grabbed onto the sponge and let go, I was flung backwards towards to starting spawn point and it "glitched" or something. Its kinda hard to explain what happend.
When I quit the create mode and went back into my pod to contiune with the story I opened a level and I lost all my lives instantly, and died, and was forced back into the pod. While in the pod I kept respawning and dieing over and over while in mid air. The loop lasted for over 5 mins with no sign of stoping. So I tried quitting the game and restarting my system, but the same thing kept happening. So I tried a different user on my system and it didn't happen. So I went back into my main user account and it still happened and I was forced to delete my save file to get it to stop.

Regards PSN - Leyego ""

straight from my email sent box

Armyless4044d ago

Why, Megatron? Why do you hate your bubbles?

Bubble Buddy4044d ago

I have a glitch where my trophies are stuck :(.

4044d ago
TheDude2dot04044d ago

Now that this glitch is famous, I bet a ton of people will make maps that have this death thing.

prunchess4043d ago

WOW! I was expecting to read about how some poor kid got hurt or some thing but this is just about a game glitch!

A 'dangerous game glitch' is a glitch that when it occurs, it blows your LCD or PS3 up and inflicts some kind of physical damage to you!

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PirateThom4044d ago

I think this is one case where you can probably delete the Game Data and it should work then.

leyego4044d ago

ive tried it when it happend to me
u have to delete your save data.

even if u log on to another account on ur ps3 and use the glitched account as player 2 it will still happen.
i was forced to delete my save data for it to work

4044d ago
Kingsora4044d ago

Yeah but losing your game progress due to such a glitch ain't fun I suppose

PirateThom4044d ago

You don't lose your game progress, the game data and saved data are kept separate.

[email protected]4044d ago

It's funny but cruel... poor sackboy hahaha.

beethy4044d ago

ALERT (or something)
When playing user created levels do not grab onto anything that spins REALLY FAST or you may lose everything. There are users out there creating levels just to get others to lose their data. SO WATCH OUT!

Sucks for some people who had 100% and lost everything. Some people got so angry they returned the game, haha.