Gameplanet: Gears of War 2 Review

Gears of War 2 improves on the first one in every way. The story is bigger and better told; the action is heavier and even more exciting. The controls are a lot tighter.

Playing co-op with a friend is, as always, the best way to go and Horde mode will keep you busy for an extremely long time to come. It is a great feeling to get this excited about a franchise all over again and Gameplanet can't wait to see what they do with Gears of War 3!

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PoSTedUP4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

far from it my dude.

but you wanna know what IS a flop? ...your bubbles :)

yoghurt4046d ago

Resistance 2 reviews: improves on the original in everyway 8/10
gears 2 reviews: improves on the original in everyway 9/10 or 10/10

lol. so funny these reviewers.

jib4046d ago

an improvement is just what it is. an improvement. sequels do tend to improve on its previous games but will never guarantee a high score just because it does so

TheMART4046d ago

Since 2 days EVERYONE in my friendlist is playing Gears 2. That means about 16 to 25 people are only at the same time playing the whole evening Gears 2.

If I compare that to Gears 1... It was played a lot, but never more then about 50% of all the people in my friendlist (which was also smaller back then).

I expect insane, insane sales on this game

Snukadaman_4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

I honestly did not see the big deal about horde until I kept playing it over and over again....Horde mode is actually a great idea...I try playing alone, its great practice for when you go online...I suggest anyone who wants to get better to go at it in horde mode a couple of times. Graphics are ok...imo better then the last version...and thats what you expect from a sequel...the gorgon pistol is probably the most anoyying weapon though.....when you think your about too kill slowly goes to the next rounds....maddening really...also looking for players for horde mode does take awhile...But i think people are restarting it before your recognized as a player joining a game. I agree with mart though.....everyone on my friends list is currently playing this cousin is in the cod5 beta but I dont think he can afford in all one of the contenders for game of the year.

BLUR1114046d ago

I didnt like the burst pistol at first till it just grew on me, now i see it can be really useful indeed, it is the most poweful of pistols and being slow loading is good for your aim and not shooting all over the place.

Gears of war 2 is amazing.. I am blown away!

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The story is too old to be commented.