How Many Zombies in Left 4 Dead On Screen At Once?

Left4Dead411 manages to spawn over 1,200 zombies on screen at once. They ran the game at 1920x1080 with most settings at max; it's likely that running at lower settings would allow a higher zombie count.

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Socom4047d ago

Comment says 1200 zombies. I saw 40-50 zombies on screen at once.

cpuchess4047d ago

Apparently you didn't watch the video. There is a lot more than 50

Socom4047d ago

Who are you trying to convince? How bout if I pause the video and do a fingercount. I can tell you right now without even trying that I wont even end up anywhere near 100.

Let alone 1200.

lelo4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

I don't think you will get 1200... but you will get much more then 100, if you look at the last part of the video.

SonyOwnsNextYear4047d ago

bringin up a game from well over a year ago.

have you played resistance 2 jenzo? it might open your eyes to a new level of A.I.

for the record im playing r2 on hard.

Cherchez La Ghost4047d ago

What does Resistance 2 have to do with Zombie count?!! I tell you what, get off this thread and go back to playing to R2. Hows that?!!

Anyway, that's still a large number of Zombies to fight off. And after watching some gameplay, I see why Valve said this game is about teamwork. What was the Zombie count at the end of Dead Rising, when all the Zombies were in that tunnel?!


That's actually something around 150~200 zombies, on the most filled times.

Its good, really, but not impressive. Heavenly Sword showed way more than a thousand (much more in the first bazooka/defend the scape roout part), they for sure weren't anywhere near inteligence, but those zombies, in this video, don't show how briliant they are too. Both cases they were just doing the same thing in circles. For sure this looks more impressive since those zombies actually fight as those warriors just run around or in a specific direction with only about a dozen really near you are acting normally as enemies.

Th funny thing is, I don't really care, no game would ever get my money based on enemies on the screen. For god's sake, Shadow Of The Colossus have only 16 enemies and some not so dense wildlife to be killed.

thewhoopimen4047d ago

I estimate about 80-100 zombies at the end of the screen. Poster might have more of them offscreen, but what I would really like to see is all "1200" rush a character, and also to verify if this same number is valid on the console version.

TheDude2dot04047d ago

Definitely not a 1000. I can imagine this little kid seeing the screen and yelling "Omg Mom look! There are like 1000 of them!".

I'm not really a fan of zombie shooters, but I heard the co-op is good so I'll probs rent.

Ren4047d ago

Whats the point in renting an online only game?

I would understand if it had a story....

pixelsword4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

The "AAA" term and rating scale was first used for stocks in the stock-market and ported over to gauge quality in games; the problem is that since it was just a corporate term to begin with, there's no justification to the veracity to the accuracy of the term with the respect to games. The proof is that no one can tell me what an "A" or "AA" game is, let alone a "AAA" game.

Looks like a great game, irregardless.


Whomever wrote that article I don't think they are accurate with the context of the video. How many zombies "can" be on the screen versus how many "will be in the game" are two entirely different scenarios.

That clip was like a tech demo.

Even if they did have 1,200 zombies on screen:

- They weren't doing anything but running their normal "zombie" cycles; none of them were doing anything eventful with an enemy to stress the engine in real "in-game" situations

- It wasn't done in the First-Person perspective, which has to have other things run to accomplish the player's perspective, so that's a weak argument

- ZERO physics were active during that clip, just maybe one particle effect and two fire animation cycles; which didn't run all at once: Notice the back fire animation was running until the camera was backed-up, then the front fire animation was running... If both were running I wouldn't have thought anything of it, but since one went out, that didn't lend to the argument that the game engine was pulling much power

Oner4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

@ Socom ~ 1.1 - "Misleading title and inaccurate comments
Comment says 1200 zombies. I saw 40-50 zombies on screen at once."

This is true, but additionally the article is mislabeled via it's channel as if the 360 can do what the article describes when this is 100% confirmed a video FOR PC ONLY as the 360 cannot do this nor use cvars.

Taken directly form the article itself...

"The following video was taken on my COMPUTER (at 20x speed):

If you want to mess around, we found some nifty console commands. You need to start a single player game and open your console with the '~' key first, and then type these commands directly into it.

Console commands

* sv_cheats 1 - Must be done first for any of these to work.
* god 1 - Enables god mode - cannot be hurt
* noclip - Enables/disables flying around
* nb_blind 1 - Makes the zombies unable to see you (they can still sense when you touch them)
* nb_delete_all - Clears all infected/infected bosses/Survivors
* z_add - Adds a single infected. We bound this to a key to do the above video.
* z_spawn bossname - Spawns a boss infected at your crosshairs. Put whatever boss name you wish: tank, boomer, smoker, witch, hunter
* give weaponname - Equips your with that weapon
* cl_drawhud 0 - So you can't see the HUD
* r_drawviewmodel 0 - Makes your weapon invisible

Have fun with these console commands, you can find more in the cvar list."

The 360 cannot use cvars and the actual article shows this is for use with the PC.

San anto4047d ago

"Looks like a great game, irregardless"

its regardless you dumb shiit, lmfao!!!!!! brings funny memories back from a great american dad episode.

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Capital G4047d ago

I imagine that number would be cut in half had this game gone multiplat.

L4D AAA+ confrirmed from OXM

PoSTedUP4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

i think that number would be tripled and the zombies would actually have good AI if the game was a ps3 exclusive XD. only the truth here people...

PoSTedUP4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

yes, but its good to know the obvious : P

Rob0g0rilla4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

they wouldn't be zombies.

With that being said there's nothing really impressive about all those zombies on screen at once. It's not like this hasn't been done before (a lot of enemies on screen at once). Still pretty cool.

PoSTedUP4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

"if they had better a.i."
"they wouldn't be zombies."

i wasn't implying the knowledge A.I. as block, attack, evade etc. i was talking about their animations and movement such as their set paths and interactions because they are all doing the same thing ya know, just set in an individual time frame, like you said... nothing special to see here : )

Socom4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

Dream on please.

lol @invisible disagrees
I must have hit a nerve.

InMyOpinion4047d ago

Good A.I on the PS3. Like in Heavenly Sword where the enemies just circle around you waiting for you to attack them lol!


Jenzo. It has nothing to do with AI, it has to do with animations.

L4D has better animation in those tons of enemies. They are all doing the same thing (braaaaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnsssss) but they are timing it differently with different animations for the same thing.

In heavenly sword, they were all doing the same thing on those parts with thousand enemies, which were trying to invade you base to kill your clan or trying to go after you clan lider. The thing is , they just run, if you hit than, they'll will animate accordingly, but if not, they'll be all running and that is it. They are not zombies, they are alive, they have a boss shouting on they ears that better than make it to the enemie base or otherwise... They just need to run.

This don't mean they are bad animated or even dumb. The "run in circle" part you mention if the final. You are so damm overpowered by the time that they can even get near to you, you actually even kill those that are running toward your castle, before they notive they near enough of Nariko to start the "circle around, take turns to atack", but those near her, if you stay still, they'll just do it, and not just circle around or pass by you to reach the base.

For sure, L4D looks more impressive when there is tons of enemies in the animation department. But they have way less enemies, those shots on the video I get like 150~200 enemies, in HS you get scenes with thousands of enemies. I know that in L4D they animate like that for 150~200, but they can still maintain that much processing when there is a scene with 1000 zombies on the screen? Because in HS, the enemies animations are really variated and complex (the animation is the strong point in HS) but only when you have a low count (don't remember many "medium counts", there is those moments with no more than 30~40 enemies, and those with thousands, so we don't really know how HS would be in 100~300 enemies).

Not saying L4D will be a bad game or anything, but technically, for what we have already seen, this isn't anything new, and actually, not impressive.

PoSTedUP4047d ago

if you look at heavenly sword, their are alot of different kinds of enemy's, using different kinds of weapons, attacking you, blocking, doing all different kinds of animations, it wouldn't be fun if that many enemy's attacked you all at once but they do attack you.

No Way4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

People Disagree with you cause you're an idiot. And, most likely Nasim.. Or, if you're not, he must be your hero, eh?

Now, with that being said, graphics and story alone do not justify if a game is an AAA or not. There are a lot more factors involved in saying if it's AAA or not.
The most important factor is... gameplay, ever heard of that? Or do you just buy games to look at them?

@PoSTedUP - I'm not sure that you're the best candidate
to be speaking of the.. "truth," around here. Hehe. =)

sumguy814047d ago

"only the truth here people... "

that truth're a fanboy.

bigman73874046d ago

Wasn't this video taken from the PC version?

GUNS N SWORDS4046d ago

"hmph", my god (PoSTedUP)

if they had damn good AI they wouldn't be zombies.

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Cactapus4047d ago

I really wish this was on PS3. =( Hopefully my PC will be able to handle it though.

Mr Fancy Pants4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

me too. this is the first time ever that i feel envious of those x360 owners...

on another note: where are the other 1,100 zombies from the allegedly 1,200? o_0