Sports Legends: Valkyria Chronicles PS3 Review

Valkyria Chronicles is an innovative, vibrant and beautiful strategy RPG from SEGA that truly breathes new life into a tired genre.

The Bottom Line: A beautifully vibrant, innovative and incredibly rich game, Valkyria Chronicles is a simply stunning experience from the first battle to the last.

Sports Legends Score: A-

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tatotiburon3630d ago

i wish i have a PS3 for this game, good job SEGA

chaosatom3630d ago

I would never get into strategy RPG. But now, the demo i played of this game was really addicting and fast paced.

And it also works sort of like a shooter. (I think someone had a sniper rifle, which was awesome.)

great job.

UltimateIdiot9113630d ago

Fast pace, I would have to disagree on that especially later battles. Addicting definitely.

I've been looking forward to this game the day it was announced. I chose this game over Resistance 2 and other hype up games. I love the graphic/art to this game, even during dark battles, there is this coloring to it that makes me feel happier than when I play games with mostly brown and dark colors.

Sackdude3630d ago

This game deserves all the attention, very very great game!!!

xBot Lemmings3630d ago

Best SJRPG exclusively on the PS3

Kingsora3630d ago

GO GO GO Valkyria

Everyone should buy this, great games like this should be supported and deserve the sales that other games don't

So everyone buy this, I want a Valkyria sequel ^^

ablecain3630d ago

I really disliked the demo. I want to like this game, but the short demo got very boring to me

UltimateIdiot9113630d ago

Different strokes for different folks.
I love this game, mostly because I love strategy games and taking time to make decisive moves. My roommate a big JRPG fan also, did not like it because he prefers more face pace and less on strategy type games.

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