Playing Dead Space 2 Like This Made Me Respect the Necromorphs

We tried to intensify the horror of Dead Space 2 by trying to get to level 5 without using guns, really getting into the frightened NPC mood.

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Marcello401d ago

Dead Space in VR is what we need

zodiac909399d ago

A brilliant idea that would make EA LOTS of money & bring some good will to them which they desperately need....But they won't do it. Sometimes I wonder how EA is still in business.

399d ago
traumadisaster399d ago

I just finished DS Extraction last weekend and started in on DS1, I never played them originally. At 4k60 on a new OLED It looks phenomenal. With infinite contrast, perfect blacks, crisp highlights of color and lighting I’m blown away.

Imortus_san399d ago

Just play during the nigh with a 5.1 system, all alone in the house, that's crasy tense.