Contra: Rogue Corps Available For Digital Pre-order Now

During Gamescom 2019, Konami has announced that Contra: Rogue Corps is now available to pre-order digitally on all participating platforms.

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Nintendew25d ago

As a huge contra fan, this is not was I was looking forward to.... yet I still wanna play it.

4player local is a huge plus for me.

killswitch8025d ago

I think it will be a lot of fun even if its different from what people are looking for .

Nintendew25d ago

While I’m use to side scrolling contras, a twin stick shooter I think would be fun. Just curious on which weapons will be in it.
I know for sure Spread will be in it.
As long as the Flamethrower and Laser are in it I’ll be happy.
( Flamethrower was is my go to in Contra 3 )

ZeekQuattro25d ago

I'm excited for this game but September is crowded enough as it is. I doubt I'll be picking it up day one.

Einhander197125d ago

I’m a die hard Contra fan, this looks terrible but I’ll wait and see.

Segata25d ago

Looks rough but fun. I am all in

PMind25d ago

Is that from the PS2 port? Good lord that looks terrible.