There's No Excuse For Respawn's Unprofessional Response To Upset Apex Legends Players

'Apex Legends' devs responded to fans on Reddit with bad language, insults and excuses. It's a bad look for Respawn.

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TheOptimist667d ago

They are also humans.

Respect is a two way street.

For me, 'consumer is king' is just as stupid as 'vote with your wallet'. When one side gets more power by law or by unsaid societal rules conflict happens.

I think consumers and creators need to respect each other.

2pacalypsenow667d ago

Consumers are what pay the bills.

Consumers have all the power, that's just how it is.

TheOptimist667d ago

Creators are what create things consumers pay for.

Sure society in general just needs the best source of entertainment, nothing else, but still.

2pacalypsenow667d ago (Edited 667d ago )

Its 50/50.

Without products, there's no consumers, and without consumers, there's no product.

But there's always someone else who can offer the same or better product.

jukins667d ago

So that means it's ok to be a complete ass and when you get called out on it you cry wolf?

So your boss who has all the power it's ok for them to disrespect you because as you say that's just how it is.

Christopher666d ago

CEOs are ones who sign the checks.

CEOs have all the power, that's just how it is.

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Zeegamereh667d ago (Edited 667d ago )

Respawn can Suck a D*ck no respect from me when you’re trying to suck cash out of kids and teens that’s abuse lol 20 dollars for one skin now in the newest update nah

EA has influence Respawn to join the dark side greedy scums

TheOptimist667d ago

And you don't find it strange that EA had zilch to say in this whole hustle?

666d ago
Sgt_Slaughter667d ago (Edited 667d ago )

Respawn pretty much only responded to negative comments and never addressed legitimate questions/concerns that fans had. The select few who were rude or abrasive gave Respawn the opportunity to label the fanbase as "toxic" despite betraying said fanbase and getting greedy.

TheOptimist667d ago

I agree with you. I am not saying that Respawn was right. But I can't help but think that EA had a hand in everything. Don't you think it's very strange that EA didn't say anything about it?

I know it feels like Respawn is responsible, but these guys are also humans. They have to face teh backlash by players for an action that was most likely pulled by EA. From corporate meetings to fear of getting fired to fan backlash, on top of game development being one of the most arduous tasks in the world, I feel we should cut them some slack.

EA makes the decisions, Respawn faces the brunt is what I feel.

shuvam09667d ago

I agree somewhat...
Respawn has some really nice people at their helm...
It's their CR department that's at blame for this fiasco, not the entire studio...
And regarding those moolah gathering shenanigans, it's EA...
So, yeah...
But then again, I said the same thing about Bungie and Activision...
And now Bungie has doubled down on MT...
So who knows what's at force in there...

TheSaint667d ago

The issue is that they (respawn) focused on the trolls instead of the majority of legitimate complaints. They literally ignored the 99% to focus on the idiots on the 1%.

Juusterey666d ago

And they were respected
people gave them money they didn't have to give
and then respawn decided "let's give a massive fuck you to the people who supported us"

Sirk7x666d ago

If I insulted my customers at work, I'd be in serious shit. I don't use social media now, and would never even dare to if I was a developer with my name broadcasted on a very public product. At that point you are a business representative 24/7.

esherwood666d ago (Edited 666d ago )

Going of like dislikes your opinion is unpopular but I’m kinda with you. I remember having a part time job in costumer Service and it sucks. It’s always the people that look like they have miserable lives that are the worst. It’s like everything sucks in there life so they take it out on someone they think they have power over. It was always funny when they realized the Job didn’t mean that much to me and I wasn’t going to take it. As far as respawn’s response I don’t think any of them where out of line, a lot of the people attacking them where though. I won’t play a game with endless micro transactions, I hope people let it be known with there wallet. Unfortunately that craps predatory and it’s probably going to take government stepping in to do something. Cosmetic crap never meant anything to me it’s weird to see people get so caught up in it. If I know something cost a ridiculous amount and I see someone with it I’m not thinking how cool they are, I’m thinking they’re a sucker

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phoenixwing667d ago (Edited 667d ago )

gamers are entitled little brats sometimes but they messed up anyway. seriously, it's a free to play game. the content they give you at the beginning is a fun game and you make a big stink because optional crap costs alot to finally look just rad for no reason at all. The only reason I have said they messed up anyway is because I heard mentioned that one of the skins adds a tactical advantage. That throws out the balance of the game. Making it crap. If they didn't do that I wouldn't give a crap about how people are reacting to them.

FPSFox667d ago

Who gives a hell if it's only cosmetic or not? The pricing is outrageous. If I wanted a certain skin, I shouldn't have to pay over 150.00 for it.

Surely there must be a game you enjoy where the appearance of your character adds to your enjoyment. You want all fighting games to have one costume per character and the rest are 20.00 each? You want a racing game where you can't paint your car without shoveling more money on top of the possible 60.00 you already paid for the title? You want every camo in all shooters to be a premium, otherwise you're stuck with grey metal?

I don't care if those things aren't integral to the gameplay. They add to my enjoyment, and I'm not gonna' support a title that cuts the product up into bite-sized pieces that need to be paid for constantly. Furthermore, just because something is free to play does not give a game a free pass to suddenly charge ludicrous amounts of money for minimal tat.

Kyizen666d ago (Edited 666d ago )

You should have to pay what ever they want to charge, that is how it works, if you don't want to pay that then don't. It doesn't affect the game play in anyway, If it is priced too high, which it is $18 for a skin in a FPS where you can only see the hands is insane then people wouldn't buy it. Except people must be paying it.... so is it the company's fault, I mean they make the product to make money and we play it for enjoyment or the consumer's fault buying stuff priced too high.

phoenixwing666d ago

If its a free to play game then yes theyre allowed to charge high prices for things. This is why i rarely play free to play games aside from ironically apex legends its actually pretty good for a starting game.

Kyizen666d ago

0 of the skins had any affect on gameplay it was all cosmetic

phoenixwing666d ago

Kyizen i remember someone in the previous article stating otherwise but if thats true then people are being babies and need to realize these companies making free to play games need to make money and they do it off of skins. People with no willpower seem to want to collect every skin or something like crazy ppl. They should realize if it doesnt affect competitive edge then its a useless item

Juusterey666d ago

And as we all know
it only happens once and never effects anything else
i'm sure if this got no backlash it would have ended here

harmny667d ago (Edited 667d ago )

- F*ck you respawn
- hey respawn you should go bankrupt. Bunch of morons
- respawn you are the worst. Screw every developer in that studio

Dev : I rememeber when gamers didn't bitch about everything

Journalism: respawn insults players

How about the toxicity of the online gaming community? Gamescom live chat is cancer. They laugh and insult developers all day long.

Devs are people too

Shikoku667d ago (Edited 667d ago )

Thats not how it went but nice try

harmny667d ago

Please enlighten me. Try to convince me that developers should act happy when you have hundreds of morons wishing you die

Hungryalpaca667d ago

That’s literally not how it went down.

FPSFox667d ago

And just like the very first response to that dev's comment said, there was a time where games didn't try to manipulate people and charge hundreds of dollars for cosmetic bullshit.

Even if you wanna' dismiss that comment and pretend like it doesn't exist, you're representing that company and you should conduct yourself professionally. Period.

Do you work?... Tell me how it'd go if your company had a customer, they yelled insults in your face, and you yelled right back at them... No. That's not how you handle yourself when you are representing a company and speak for that company. I get some people suck... but that doesn't give you an excuse to stoop to their level and act like a moron. Their comments later on just got downright insulting, calling most people on their game freeloaders, and calling specific users dicks. No. Just no.

Juusterey666d ago

that's all they said
they were so polite too, didn't call the fans that made the game popular anything bad or anything

also every live chat is toxic.

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Kumakai667d ago (Edited 667d ago )

You can only bitch about ppl for so long before they dish it back. I’m not saying the dev’s response was professional, but as a human being, I get it. There are 2 sides to every story and it’s not uncommon for gamers to handle things they don’t like with a hostile, flippant attitude rather than approach it rationally and maturely. I mean some devs get death threats and they aren’t even the ones making the calls. If some motherf**cker threatens harm or my life, the gloves are coming off no matter who I work for. Don’t cross lines on either side.

Juusterey666d ago

They should have realised, especially now, that there would be backlash
if they didn't, then they are so out of touch that it's embarrassing

also this "hostile, flippant attitude" caused a change
so maybe it's a good thing

AK91667d ago

I actually don't mind if if they treat their fans that way just don't be surprised when fans return the favour and/or stop supporting your game entirely.

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