Why The Indie Game Industry Has Started To Decline So Rapidly?

Ron writes - Steam failed as a marketplace that purports to be a discovery vector for new indie games as well as an approachable location to seek out games as a player.

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Tross32d ago

I think it's simply plateauing. Indie games picked up popularity around the start of the current gen, and the indie game scene practically exploded. Games with smaller budgets that are often simpler, but also cheaper and just as fun as full AAA releases really resonated with a wider audience, especially since many AAA companies at the time weren't putting nearly as much creativity into their games out of fear of losing profits. Supporting small games by small studios was a novel idea at the time, and may have helped bring some life back into the industry as a whole.

Fast forward to nowadays however, and the game market has since been flooded with indie titles. The oversaturation effect is rampant, especially on Steam storefronts. Now it's easy to take indie games for granted as they're available on every device capable of playing games, and in large quantities at that. Name a genre and there is probably a good variety of indie titles to recommend for those looking for that kind of experience. Indie games are not a novel idea anymore, and they're everywhere. I think indie games are still great to have and I play them all the time, although that probably only accounts for less than a percentage of what's out there.

Indie titles have just more or less settled into the niche that they carved out over the past half-decade or so. I don't think it's a decline so much as the ripple effect of the indie explosion has since dissipated. Of course, that niche is also highly competitive and full of so many similar titles that a small studio or team has to create something special to stand out. I think that's what's going on in a nutshell.

shaggy230332d ago

I also think part of the problem is the influx of "wannabe" titles, ie the indie games that are created just because the genre is the next big thing.

Hiw many "PUBG" clones have we seen, or survival games etc.

Dont get me wrong there are some pure gems out there in the indie marketplace, but with all the crap they are sometimes difficult to discover.

Genkins32d ago

you can expect indie games to be low budget. but even still, they can actually turn out to be good.

Cobra95132d ago

Steam's free-for-all is a big part of the problem. The "wannabe" titles don't really wanna be anything but leeches, and Steam allows such filth to fester, proliferate, and end up drowning the worthy titles in a sea of muck.

AK9132d ago

They got stale and repetitive.

FanboysKiller32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

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