Sony Set To Tilt Towards Games With Wider Appeal As PS5 Looms

The purchase of Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games doesn’t look to be a one-off, but rather part of a larger, overarching …

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TheHateTheyGive33d ago

For months it was the Hardcore audience.. .

DaDrunkenJester33d ago

He means all the articles we were getting saying Sony was switching to focus more on the hardcore gaming audience, but now we get this article saying they're switching to focus on a broader audience.

Obscure_Observer33d ago

Sony as a third party developer confirmed?

By Shawn Layden:

“We must support the PlayStation platform -- that is nonnegotiable,” Layden said. “That said, you will see in the future some titles coming out of my collection of studios which may need to lean into a wider installed base.”

Srhalo33d ago

Sony is constantly publishing big and small games. It's a shame that people only seem to remember the big AAA games.

darthv7233d ago

No, the shame is that only hardcore gamers care about the big AAA games. They proclaim anything less is shite even though they may be fun AF.

Srhalo33d ago

Well... you're not wrong.

SyntheticForm33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Which is a great thing.

I love narrative-driven games - the indies have been great and plentiful this gen. Hopefully that continues alongside the big games. I really just want to see Sony continue this path they're on.

Traditional console gaming with an expansive and ever-growing diverse library.

badz14933d ago

I think last gen was the last awesome gen with awesome gems of games released before the toxic nomination dubbed as "AAA" games appeared and all these smaller gems stop to appear. same with the PSP gen. so many awesome games.

but nowadays, if it's not AAA = no coverage and the games go unnoticed and the devs closed down. so that's why we are seeing less and less games taking risk and making true innovations this gen. most of them are either playing it safe or jump on the next trend wagon.

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Srhalo33d ago

Tilt towards games... They have been all about games since day one 25 years ago. It's those other people that only now realize games might be important... even if it's just the same three games over and over and they seem to be more interested in services.

darthv7233d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Tilt, as in to lean. And the title implies they are wanting to lean towards making games that have a wider appeal than just sticking to the side of hardcore. Branching out is a good thing. They will always support the core, but like every generation there are casuals and in-betweeners that feel left out. Sony is wanting to rectify that and appeal to all walks of life.

sampsonon33d ago

it's just an article. doesn't make it true. all studios will say they want a larger audience. but Sony knows what makes them special and they will never break that glass.

Srhalo33d ago

Right, I'm saying there is no tilt. That is what they have always been doing. You just replied to my comment about how Sony publishes more games than people think. Sony has published games for casual and hardcore gamers for generations. That's why they are such a popular gaming brand.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro33d ago

Hardcore gamer means someone who plays all kinds of games. Not just AAA.

KwietStorm32d ago

There is no tilt? The article didn't just make this up. It's coming directly from Shawn Layden. So are you saying he's lying about their internal plans?

Apocalypse Shadow33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Sony knows that capturing a wide variety of consumers is what makes the PlayStation platform sell like Spider-Man.

Core gamers. Casual gamers. Kid Gamers. Mature Gamers. RPG gamers. Fans of Japanese games. Fans of Indie games. Gamers looking for more physical interaction with motion control and immersion with VR. That's why their home consoles sell so well every time and are guaranteed a level of success.

But you have to give gamers reason to buy your platform with exclusives which other companies can learn a thing or two. 3/4 wins tells you they have an idea what they're doing with the right leadership. The current one seems to be ready for the next round.

No future articles is going to change the narrative for Sony when Sony knows it's just GAMES that GAMERS want that's appealing.

neutralgamer199233d ago

They won 3 generations and sold 85 plus million on the other so they don't need advice they know what gamers want

Insomniac is just step one just wait for TGS, PSX and finally reveal of Ps5. There are some big domino's yet to fall and unlike ms Sony intends to build momentum by spreading them out over different conferences/shows


There are 2-3 really big publishers Sony could acquire and when I say big I mean in the size of take two, Capcom, sega and square enix

Sony new ceo basically gave a green light to spend because like ms who doesn't depend on success of Xbox Sony on the other hand depends on playstation now and moving forward

Ms made a big offer to insomniac but they instead came to Sony because Sony had many attempts to buy them so they finally said yes

Remember the supposedly leaked world wide studio logo few months back with insomniac on it go see who else was on it

Kojima was on it and he recently met Sony world wide studios president and Sony ceo

Sony isn't playing around they are getting serious and want to bring the hammer down

shaggy230333d ago


When did Microsoft make a "big" offer to Insomniac?

An by "big" I presume you mean they made an offer to buy them, when was that? Ive searched the internet but cant find a single article even hinting at it.

neutralgamer199232d ago

Ms actually approached them before they went on their spending spree

They once again approached insomniac before E3. They made an offer to bluepoint games too

These things happen way in advance and are only announced when a company thinks is the right time

Paris game, tgs, PSX and than reveal of Ps5 event in early 2020. Sony may announce one acquisition every conference or they may wait and announce all at once

Kojima and bluepoint are pretty much done along with few Japanese developers

BTW platinum games anyone

shaggy230332d ago

Fair enough, I can understand why Insomniac didnt want to be owned by MS, I mean Insomniac seemed to want to do another Sunset, but MS wanted nothing to do with it.

Would be interesting if/when Kojima gets bought out. I would have thought would want to stay independent after his dealing with Konami, but I suppose the financial security of Sony would be a big lure.

Tross33d ago

Sony has always tilted towards games with wider appeal. It's why no one can compete with them.

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